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May 18, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if:
  • I, literally, rewound my DVR last night to watch Lea Michelle sing "My Man" on Glee about 30 times. It's an amazing cover of the song from Funny Girl. And she performs it oh so well.
  • My phone is now filled with pictures of cats, puppies and babies... Such is life.
  • I wear all my jewelery, all the time.
  • I beat Angry Birds at work, now I'm going through and getting 3 stars on every level. 
  • I think $100 for an hour is steep at a tattoo parlor... 
  • I have TMJ issues and I still chew gum.
  • My jaw gets tired after chewing gum for 5 minutes... I still chew gum.
  • I wish we could program our cars to drive themselves... I'd get about 10 more minutes of sleep on the way to work...
  • I purge my closet every 6 months. At least I wear 85% of my clothes. My hubs can never accuse me of wasting $$...
  • My biker boots make me look a little butch. I can't help it if I'm a badass. Jake loves me anyway.
  • I'm scared to use the Tricare system of health insurance. I love all my current Dr's and would like to keep it that way... (but a pay raise of $8 for Jake would be nice...) Damn.
  • I'm a homebody... and I like to infect anyone with in a 20 ft radius. Don't call me unless you want to watch some Netflix.
  • We have Netflix now...
  • We're sharing the Netflix account with some random guy Jake works with. I hope he likes all the Rom Com's I'm about to rate on his account.
Much Love!!!!


Meg said...

I too beat Angry Birds and am working on getting 3 stars, crap it's hard!

That is wonderful that you purge your closet every 6 months--I definitely need to do that! I'll work on it. :)

Nikki said...

I had tricare growing up and all through college. I thought it was pretty good coverage, although it will suck if you have to switch all of your doctors.

Love the new blog look.