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May 17, 2011

Seeing the Good in the Bad

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." That's the sum up for my feelings about this deployment. Do you want to hear the pros and cons? The bad definately outweighs the good due to the nature of it all.

Jake's Deployment:

  • No more Jake buying lunches instead of packing.
  • KG living with me while Jake, and her fiance, are deployed. AKA- I won't be by myself.
  • The bedroom will be clean for once.
  • Selling Jake's Honda will look nice in our savings account.
  • One gas tank to fill.
  • I'll get an extreme taste of what med school will be like.
  • KG's cleanliness habits will get a chance to rub off onto me. The girl's OCD and I love it.
  • No x-box live bill.
  • Selling the second desktop computer.
  • One desktop computer running all the time instead of two.
  • Lower grocery bills (splitting with KG)
  • 1/2 rent payment (splitting it with KG).
  • Living with another girl who isn't on the baby track. Who understands where I am in life and respects it.
  • As much of Jake's paycheck being dumped into savings as possible.
  • The ability to be busy without feeling bad/depressed about not being at home hanging out with my love.
  • We're getting a laptop.
  • When he gets home we'll get a newer used car, possibly a house (depending on med school) and we'll be able to plan on actually living our lives.
  • One, and only one, deployment.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • No cuddles
  • Fur babies are gonna be so sad and depressed.
  • I'm gonna be so sad and depressed.
  • No date nights.
  • KG and I are probably going to cry ourselves to sleep without our men-folk.
  • I've never had a roommate before.
  • The weirdness of R&R if KG's fiance comes home a different week than Jake...
  • Jake's leaving.
  • I'll have to do everything by myself, again... I feel like he just got home from AIT.
  • Everyone is going to be extra sensitive toward me and make me feel all awkward.
  • No sex.
  • R&R is going to be absolutely crazy/stressfull. That is if he even gets it.
  • I have to clean/empty the storage closet so KG has a closet for her clothes...
  • How do KG and I work out her room... Does the office make way for her bedroom or does she move into the office. (I'd take the computers out obv.)
  • The weirdness of someone moving into 'our' home.
  • Jake's going to miss out on his niece and nephew's first year.
  • Jake isn't even going to the same base as Twin, even though they're on the same unit...
  • Having a schedule for every second Jake is home.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • The question as to whether Jake will ahve internet or reliable phone service while he's deployed.
  • Asher isn't going to be full grown by the time that he leaves. Jake's going to be scared that he wont remember him by the time he is back home.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • I'll have to learn how to cook.
  • Switching everything over to me so that bills continue to get paid.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • No husband.
  • No boy movies.
  • No gangster rap battles.
  • No holding hands.
  • No sports center.
  • No lights out conversations.
  • No random text messages.
  • No Jacob.
I'm trying to get a grip now so that when September comes I'll be able to handle it. It doesn't help that I know KG will be a mess. She always is. She knows it too, and I love her for it... In her mind she's the crazy one...

You guys know the truth.


Mrs. G said...

ooooo I can help with the cooking!

LisaWeidknecht said...

I'm a new follower. Follow me too?

Nikki said...

It will definitely tough, but it sounds like you have a good support system. Hopefully it will go by fast.