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May 27, 2011


This summer's musical extravaganza is Ragtime. 
Auditions were this past weekend. Due to fear of complete vocal nastiness, I auditioned last weekend. 

I feel like I auditioned pretty well. My cold reading was the best I've ever done. Which, in all honesty, doesn't say a lot since I've only ever done 3 readings. 
One of which was in a southern accent...

My vocal/singing went pretty well. I sang Bill from Showboat hoping that the quirkiness from the song would carry over into the part that I was auditioning for. 

Evelyn Nesbit

'The girl on the red velvet swing.'

Her song is completely ridiculous and funny. The part is a soprano and calls for 'vigorous dancing' I figure I have a pretty decent chance of getting it. 
Erin = Soprano and dancer...

Here's to hoping that I get it. 

I'll let you know on Sunday, when the cast list gets sent out.

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