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May 31, 2011

Opinion on Deployment Items

Jake's getting deployed in September.

It's getting closer and closer and the chance that this deployment will get cancelled, like the other 2, is slim to none. 

*Insert me crying my eyes out here*

We don't know much about his destination other than it's Afghanistan. It's a little frustrating, but at least i can be comforted in the assurance that he will be in the hospital setting shooting x-rays, rather than out on the field and venerable. 
(If anyone mentions that the risk isn't in being at the base itself but in traveling from base to base I'll flip out. I'm completely ignoring that risk. It doesn't exist.Nope. Not at all...)

So with all that being said... We want to know items that you personally, significant others or family members have taken with them on deployment.

We really need to know about laptops and cameras... 
Really, any information on big ticket purchases is acceptable and most welcome. 
Truly, any words of wisdom works too...

Can you tell I'm starting to freak?

We're starting to get into clean out mode. I'm going to be going through our storage closet very soon in order to allow room for KG's clothes to fit in the closet on the hanger rod that is in there and currently being used as a hand rail as Jake and I go up into the closet to get random things... It's kinda nerve wrecking. But 100% necessary.

Jake and I are also going to start going through and selling unneeded things... Like the second desktop computer we have. And the tub of electronic cords that go to nothing and everything... And, hopefully, the stored snow board and boots. Maybe I'll think about getting rid of something of mine too... I just have... WAIT the computer is mine. haHA!! Take that! 

Anywho... Moving on. 

OH! So yeah. KG and I are thinking of filling part of the empty storage closet with sangria supplies. I think it's an investment worth looking into.

I'm rambling because I'm nervous, scared, unprepared, anxious.... 
Among other things...

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cbs111 said...

My BIL just left for Afghanistan too. Laptop was his big item that he took with him.

I will pray for you guys. Let us know how it's going!