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May 23, 2011

One More Time

This must be a sick joke.

We have recently been told that my sister-in-law, Bro's wife, is expecting. (I haven't mentioned her very much, I'll nickname her BW. Straight forward, to the point)

**Please comment your initial reaction to this news about my life/family.**

Let me share with you some information on Bro, BW and JJ.

Bro dated BW in high school. She moved about 2 hours away and they lost contact.
They both dated other people.
In 2006 they met up again and started dating. BW had been in a serious relationship with another guy, which resulted in JJ.
When we met her JJ was 6 months old and too cute for words.
We found out, afer about 2 months, that BW was living with her brother and her ex, but sleeping on the couch with JJ's pack and play close by. My parents deemed it inappropriate for a new mother to be sleeping on a couch because her ex wouldn't move out of her brother's apartment. So, they offered to clean our basement so she could move in.
We all knew that Bro was pretty serious about BW so we helped out. She was completely moved in a month later.

Fast forward 3 years later. Bro and BW get married, JJ turns 4, everyone has a job and Phase 2 (the family's nickname) moves out. The move a good 35 minutes away from home base. It kinda makes it hard for us to help them with JJ when they're that far away,but it's their life.

Now JJ is a HIGH ENERGY child. He's smart, sometimes very sneaky but always a comic and sweeter than all get out.
But he's a handful.
He was a handful when they were living at home and there were 6 adults sharing time with him. Needless to say, BW was scarred by his antics. He is a tough kid to trust to entertain himself in a non destructive way.... I just like to say that he's an artist.

BW has also had quite a few womanly issues. These issues have recently had her off of BC until things were straightened out...

Well, needless to say things took a different turn.
Ta-Da. Congratulations!... No?

On Mother's Day, the day before she tested, She and I had the discussion about sticking it out for another 11/2-2 years until we prego'd it up and demanded all the attention.

Her initiation into the 'barren until 2012' club has been cancelled... Once again, I stand alone.
Only this time, it's really just me.

I'm not upset... It's more of a 'Really?! Ha. Really? Go figure' type of attitude.

I'm actually really excited for Bro. He's always been sad that JJ wasn't his. He's assumed 95% of the fatherly duties, but doesn't have the right to call JJ his son. (Insert story about deadbeat dad not giving up rights so Bro can adopt JJ -here-) His disappointment over the added 'step' is significant. I'm excited that he is going to get to experience every single aspect of father hood after almost 6 years of being a father.

So more babies!



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Nikki said...

Your family is growing fast girl. I'm sure it is a bummer to see everyone around you having babies, but soon it will be you and totally worth the wait.

Shanae Branham said...

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