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May 11, 2011


It's the mood of the moment. I'm listening to depressing love songs and thinking of watching some sappy romanic comidies. 

I have a feeling that the closer it gets to September, the worse it will get. Was anyone a reader while Jake was in Texas? I know I started blogging toward the tail end of his training. And I was completely obsessed with wedding plannig... This time, everyone will get the full effect of my moody posts. I hope you can deal. I'm not planning on sugar coating anything for the sake of keeping readers. Hopefully you can understand enough to not unfollow... Just skip reading for a year, or until I get over this self absorbed, completely narcissistic mood.

Hopefully it'll only be a short time of me pre-mourning Jake leaving so once he is gone I can jump into family events, job hunting, individual projects and living life... All much more interesting stuff than being in an emotional rut.

So keep the love coming. Evidently I'm in need of it at the moment.

You'll never know how much I truly appreciate you as a reader.

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Katy said...

ugh, the waiting for deployment is the worst. Like a ride you can't get off. I just want them to leave so we can get it over with! But at least you have a while to go & enjoy the time you have! thanks for visiting the long and short of it! following you back!