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May 30, 2011

I Love a Good Fireplace

I don't know what it is about fire places. Something about them just screams out 'comfort' and 'home'.
 (damn you, white couches!)

 (such a cute rug!)
 (I would adore the $$ that comes with this kind interior decorating...)
 (Not a fan of the tile, but you have to admit, the wall paper is pretty rad...)

 (Mmmm, contemporary...)

 (LOVE the purple.)
 (So beachy...)

 (I'm drooling over that couch.)

 (I want that fire screen... One day I'll get one of those. So cool.)

I even still love them when there isn't a fire raging.

Gotta love random Google searches.

1 comment:

StardustSavannah said...

I love fireplaces too...even with no fire in them. I used to live up north in a house with an awesome fireplace...we used to fall asleep in front of it with the dogs but they try to soak up all the heat, LOL.
I miss it. Here in Savannah so many of them in the historic homes are boarded over...what the heck. I would open them up if it was my house!