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May 18, 2011

Asher Wednesday: Puppy Update

Update for those of you who love dog stories as much as I love telling them.

Asher is doing really well. He is very food driven and now knows many tricks.

He is growing so much. He came to us at 5 lbs. He has been with us for almost 2 months and he is already close to 8 lbs! It's insane.

He has finally pottied outside. This is something he never did, no matter how long we stayed outside, until 2 weekends ago. One time in April I sat outside with Ash for, literally, 2 hours.... No potty. Not even the dignified puppy squat. It wasn't until Jake took him to a flag football game he was helping with that he decided outside was good enough for him. Since then he has pottied outside a few times but he still prefers to cross his legs and go on the puppy pads inside. 

There has been an improvement in puppy pads. We use to have two on each floor. We are now down to one on each floor, one near the back door and one at the top of stairs in the hallway. Soon I'm hoping that he'll use just the one by the back door. He still has an accident every once in a while. It's about 80-20. I'm happy with it considering he's only 3 months old. And a boy.

The only bad thing that has developed recently is the situation as followed:
Ash was being put in his kennel at night. He would go in sleepy after watching TV with me for a little. OK, he would be sleeping and I would be vegging out. This would be around 10:30-11:30 depending on the show. I would go to bed.
At 2:45-3:30 he would wake up barking the equivalent of bloody murder. There would be no quiet whimpering. No soft yip. Just straight out big boy barking. Th kind that makes your ear drums quiver. I would go down stairs, let him out to pee (normally he wouldn't, he would just pee in the kennel.) and he would get a drink. Then he thought it was play time. He would wander all around and I was too sleepy to protest. I would usually be passed out on the ottoman near his cage or on the couch. I would then wake up about almost an hour later with a sleeping puppy laying on me. By then it would be so late that I wouldn't see the point of getting up again.
Jake got sick of this.
Heck, I got sick of it.
I, however, wasn't thrilled once Jake started letting Asher start his bed routine with falling asleep in bed. It was nice getting my own routine started earlier, but Ash wasn't transferring from bed to kennel as easily as from the couch.
One night, I was in bed by 8:30. Call me a granny but all the near sleepless nights were getting to me.
Jake fell asleep before Ash.

Asher has slept in bed with us since then.
I enjoy a full nights sleep too much to protest.

It also helps that Ash can now jump on and off of the bed...
And he's so amazing about peeing on the puppy pad in the middle of the night.

It makes me almost weep.

Ash still goes in his kennel during the day. So now, instead of a total of 16 hours out of the day of being in his kennel, Asher is only in for the 8 hours Jake and I are at work.

I guess it worked for us.
He is better at winding down.
No more middle of the night tromps down stairs.
No more couch sleeping.
No more washing kennel bedding. (or towels depending on laundry status)
No more insane crazy puppy in the after work hours.
No more guilt about having Ash out for the 2.5 hours between waking up and going to work and having to put him back in his kennel.

It works.
I guess I don't care as much as I thought.
I'm still not thrilled.'

You win some, you loose some.


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