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May 25, 2011

Asher Wednesday: Loosing Pup Teeth

Last week Ash and I were playing outside after work. He was sniffing, I was soaking up some sun. He lost interest in the squeaky ball I was harassing him with. He started chewing on a stick. I thought nothing of it. He abandonded it for barking at one of the complex's cats, Logan. Logan didn't like being bothered. He took his multiple toes (He's a polydactyl like Ezekiel) and ran off. Ash sat on my lap and started mouthing on my hand. I thought nothing of it and tried shaking him off and getting him re-interested int he squeaky ball.

I then noticed blood on the ball...
And my hand.
I freaked out.

It was a significant amount of blood. Like, 'Holy crap! What is going on?!' I tried to get him to drink some water so that he wasn't swollowing all the blood. I tried looking in to his mouth.

Loose tooth.
One of the larger back ones.

I used some yoga breathing techniques to keep calm as I called Jake about 14 times. Needless to say, his phone was on silent.

Ash wasn't acting bothered by the tooth so we stayed outside until Jake drove up. I told him and we went inside to investigate.

Jake's use to the blood. I just kept havign flash backs to loosing my own teeth and the feeling of a tooth that was only partially loose, like how Asher's was. Cringe. he wanted nothing to do with the process of checking his mouth out. I called the vet to see if the all the blood was normal. The tech said he was a on the young side but within the normal age range for loosing teeth, and that if the bleeding continued to bring him in. It didn't come to that.

But I now have a nasty pink rawhide stick being carried from room to room. I cant get Ash to give it up. One day I'm going to find him occupied and I'm going to dispose of it.... Until then I'm going to gag every time I see my precious pup.

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I remember when Moose started losing his puppy teeth! It totally grossed Adam out but the dental hygienist in my totally geeked out over it. I would check everyday for loose ones and even pulled a few out!