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May 3, 2011

Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” at the Met Ball

Oy Vey!
Um, no.
Not ok.
What the?!!!!
Hi '80's print!
I LOVE this color... But the pleating is too '70's for me.
Belly Bad
Only Alright
Pretty, but her hair killed it for me.
The sleves are awesome.She did better than her twin.
Vintage and the color is beautiful
Pretty, but we've seen this dress before.
I secretly adore this dress... So dramatic and theatrical.
I like the chifon and leather look... But the jacket isn't flattering.
I think the print, while beautiful, is a little old for her.
Belly Good 

Very cool
For some reason I adore the whole 'Hello, Dolly' look.
I like the fading and feathers
Just cool
So dramatic. Classic.
She can do no wrong. Love!
Greacian, a step further than anyone's taken it and I love her for it.
Takes the cake!!!!!
{all pics via People.com}

1 comment:

Sandra said...

If only I had somewhere to wear any ballgown...even one of the ugly ones! Oh the life of a poor person who lacks has no fun... :)