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May 31, 2011

First 100 Follower Giveaway

Today's giveaway is a good one. 

Since I feature Forever 21's accessories on my blog frequently in my celeb style posts I thought I'd give you the chance to win some of their cute stuff!

Here are the items up for grabs in today's stupendous giveaway.

Silver Romance
(My genius name. You love it.)

Golden Blush
(I amaze myself with my originality)

Please put email in each entry comment!
If an entry is chosen without an email address in it, I will draw another one.

Initial required entry:
Tell me who your celebrity fashion icon is and let me know which set you like best. (1 entry)

Additional entries:
Become a follower of Dishes & Wishes (2 entries)
Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)
Post this giveaway on your blog and comment with the link (5 entries)
Tweet this giveaway, include @erinpatrice and the link to the giveaway post (1 entry per day)

Good Luck!!!

Giveaway will close Tuesday, June 7th at midnight.
Winner will be announced June 8th!

Almost There!

The first giveaway post will be up and open after work. 
Let's say around 7pm.

It'll be open until Tuesday, June 7th. 

Who's excited?!!

Opinion on Deployment Items

Jake's getting deployed in September.

It's getting closer and closer and the chance that this deployment will get cancelled, like the other 2, is slim to none. 

*Insert me crying my eyes out here*

We don't know much about his destination other than it's Afghanistan. It's a little frustrating, but at least i can be comforted in the assurance that he will be in the hospital setting shooting x-rays, rather than out on the field and venerable. 
(If anyone mentions that the risk isn't in being at the base itself but in traveling from base to base I'll flip out. I'm completely ignoring that risk. It doesn't exist.Nope. Not at all...)

So with all that being said... We want to know items that you personally, significant others or family members have taken with them on deployment.

We really need to know about laptops and cameras... 
Really, any information on big ticket purchases is acceptable and most welcome. 
Truly, any words of wisdom works too...

Can you tell I'm starting to freak?

We're starting to get into clean out mode. I'm going to be going through our storage closet very soon in order to allow room for KG's clothes to fit in the closet on the hanger rod that is in there and currently being used as a hand rail as Jake and I go up into the closet to get random things... It's kinda nerve wrecking. But 100% necessary.

Jake and I are also going to start going through and selling unneeded things... Like the second desktop computer we have. And the tub of electronic cords that go to nothing and everything... And, hopefully, the stored snow board and boots. Maybe I'll think about getting rid of something of mine too... I just have... WAIT the computer is mine. haHA!! Take that! 

Anywho... Moving on. 

OH! So yeah. KG and I are thinking of filling part of the empty storage closet with sangria supplies. I think it's an investment worth looking into.

I'm rambling because I'm nervous, scared, unprepared, anxious.... 
Among other things...

May 30, 2011

I want Heidi's Shoes

Shirt - Old Navy - $9.99
Jeans - American Eagle, $24.95
     Nine West - $41.40
     DWD Shoes - $11.99
     Gold Knot - Forever21, $5.80
     Cream Leatherette - Forever21, $4.80

I Love a Good Fireplace

I don't know what it is about fire places. Something about them just screams out 'comfort' and 'home'.
 (damn you, white couches!)

 (such a cute rug!)
 (I would adore the $$ that comes with this kind interior decorating...)
 (Not a fan of the tile, but you have to admit, the wall paper is pretty rad...)

 (Mmmm, contemporary...)

 (LOVE the purple.)
 (So beachy...)

 (I'm drooling over that couch.)

 (I want that fire screen... One day I'll get one of those. So cool.)

I even still love them when there isn't a fire raging.

Gotta love random Google searches.


Well I didn't get the part I auditioned for. 
The girl who got it is really good though, so I can't complain.
I knew I didn't put my best foot forward.... And sometimes other people are just plain better than you. 

Can you feel my internal conflict? 
Anyone need lessons on how to try to stay positive when totally bummed? 
I'll be your instructor today. 

Oh well, what can you do when you're still seen as a 14 year old child in the eyes of the directors... 
(That's what I say to convince myself it's not because I'm lacking experience and guts...)

I'm a professional kick ass chorus member (with actual talent),13 years and counting...

May 28, 2011

You Got It Babe - Giveaway!!!!!

I reached 100 followers! I literally couldn't have done it without you, my readers. (I feel like such a professional blogger, talking about 'My readers' like that...) So this is just for you.

 This whole week, on top of my usual posting, I'll be posting a giveaway Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 


Each giveaway will be open for 1 week. 

I'm getting pictures in line so that you can be just as excited as I am about the items that are getting posted. 

Keep an eye out, it's gonna be superb, impressive, lavish, resplendent, magnificent and fab... With a little awesome thrown in.

May 27, 2011


I read this article yesterday on Yahoo.com.

It's about parents who have decided to keep their baby's gender to them selves, thus allowing the child, Storm, to make their own decisions about who he or she wants to be. 

The father stated "If you really want to get to know someone, you don't ask what's between their legs." 

I dealt with this topic in class a lot. While the discussion was meant to be in terms of gender roles in sport it was an eye opener to how much people care about which societal box the people they know fit into. I remember one student getting into a 'heated debate' with my humanities professor about how football should remain a man's sport because men were 'genetically designed to play a sport with hard hitting, running and quick thinking'.

I may or may not have exploded and gave that kid a set down he didn't expect coming from the girl who came dashed into the classroom at the last moment and always colored in her date book with florescent colored highlighters during class discussions.

I'm amazed by the outburst of negativity in regards to Storm's parents. It's not surprising, because everyone feels that they have a right to make open observations on how other's parenting styles.

Has no one else noticed that people almost get mad/upset when the gender of a baby isn't stated on a baby shower invitation? 
Why is the gender neutral selection for baby clothes so limited.. And even then the colors may be neutral, but the print, animals or cut of the item leans toward one gender or the other?...
Have you ever noticed how quick some people are to correct an assumption of gender when it's wrong. This goes for babies and pets. Then once they're corrected embarrassment follows? Why should someone be embarrassed. It's not like the assumption that your little girl is a little boy will shape how the girl feels about themselves when they're 20...

Or will it?

I respect Storm's parents. It's taking a societal observation a little further than I would... But Damn. Someone has to do it. Why not?! Are they truly hurting anyone else? Is it a random stranger's place to tell them that keeping their baby's gender to themselves is part of some harmful parenting style. 

The parents are letting Storm decide who he or she is. They aren't putting any gender restrictions on their child. Why should they? Storm is a baby. Whether boy or girl, it doesn't matter at this point. What matters is that Storm is healthy and being properly stimulated so that he or she can grow up with an inquisitive mind. 

Is it really our place demand Storm's parents to place a narrowing gender onto their baby if they don't believe it's anyones business but Storms? 


I can't criticize a parent who lacks the general societal fear that their child will be different. Heaven forbid a little boy plays with Barbies and play dress up and house , or a girl like dragons, football and cars. Just because a child is different, doesn't mean the parents did something wrong...

And when did it start being wrong to be different?

All in all, I really want to hear more about this family as the children grow. I want to know if this breakdown of society's general rules for gender really helps the children of this family, as adults, be more open and accepting.


This summer's musical extravaganza is Ragtime. 
Auditions were this past weekend. Due to fear of complete vocal nastiness, I auditioned last weekend. 

I feel like I auditioned pretty well. My cold reading was the best I've ever done. Which, in all honesty, doesn't say a lot since I've only ever done 3 readings. 
One of which was in a southern accent...

My vocal/singing went pretty well. I sang Bill from Showboat hoping that the quirkiness from the song would carry over into the part that I was auditioning for. 

Evelyn Nesbit

'The girl on the red velvet swing.'

Her song is completely ridiculous and funny. The part is a soprano and calls for 'vigorous dancing' I figure I have a pretty decent chance of getting it. 
Erin = Soprano and dancer...

Here's to hoping that I get it. 

I'll let you know on Sunday, when the cast list gets sent out.

May 26, 2011


I've come to realize that this has become one of the places I unload. I'm sorry for that. I'd like to rectify that situation to tell you about all of the blessings that are going on in my life at the moment.

1. Babies
     I may complain about everyone in my family having them. In truth it's become obvious that once the little buggers are here I fall completely and utterly in love. I know that this will happen each and every time. Paisley was so awesome and will always hold a special place in my heart because she was the first and she was the one whose birth I was the most involved with. Noah has become the most handsome boy I've ever met. That perfect shaped noggin gets me every time. I know that Gabriel and the newest surprise will join these two and I'll become their biggest fan. I mean really, I have to make sure that I get the award for best Aunt EVER. 

2. Finances
     Everything is looking like it's heading for the best. Jake and I are getting on top of things and kicking debt out of our lives. Jake Has decided to switch back to contingent in order to take advantage of the $8 pay difference between that and full time. It's hard to argue with it just to stay in my comfort zone with insurance providers... Or I can just get a job within the university and call it a day. Either way, we can't complain about a pay increase. We can't complain about cheap rent. We just flat out can't complain...

3. Job Hunt
     It's not going. I've not put in the time. I can't complain until I do. I also have until March 2012 to find a new job... I'm going to start putting feelers out now. I've been watching things, just not applying. That will change very soon.

4. Jake's Military Job
     The fact that he's getting deployed is inevitable. The fact that his job once he is deployed requires him to be in a lead box with air conditioning in order to actually do his job makes me feel a lot better. He's going to be safe on base. He's not going to be out on the field. He couldn't have picked a better job. Plus it challenges him and he'll be able to get promoted once he's considered active duty. That's a good thing. (It was a sore spot with his brother getting promoted into the only higher-up spot in the National Guard unit. With deployment and a switch to active duty, anything is game.)

5. Insurance
     At least we have it... And during active duty it's free...

So there you go. Life isn't so bad in the R household. It could be a hell of a lot worse. i just need to remember that.


I'm in love. 
I'm gonna go and buy as many as I can. 

Gray Halter - Old Navy, $34.94
Brown and Cream Print - Forever 21, $26.90
Pink and Orange Micro Print - Forever 21, $19.80
Navy and Green Print - Forever 21, $24.90
Orange Tribal - Forever 21, $24.80
Yellow and White Sunburst - Forever 21 (also in pink), $22.80
Royal Paisley Print - Forever 21, $24.80 
Electric Stripe - Forever 21, $24.80
Peach Gausey - Forever 21, $27.80
Cream Floral - Forever 21, $24.80
Pink Mixed Print - Forever 21, $24.80

May 25, 2011

Asher Wednesday: Loosing Pup Teeth

Last week Ash and I were playing outside after work. He was sniffing, I was soaking up some sun. He lost interest in the squeaky ball I was harassing him with. He started chewing on a stick. I thought nothing of it. He abandonded it for barking at one of the complex's cats, Logan. Logan didn't like being bothered. He took his multiple toes (He's a polydactyl like Ezekiel) and ran off. Ash sat on my lap and started mouthing on my hand. I thought nothing of it and tried shaking him off and getting him re-interested int he squeaky ball.

I then noticed blood on the ball...
And my hand.
I freaked out.

It was a significant amount of blood. Like, 'Holy crap! What is going on?!' I tried to get him to drink some water so that he wasn't swollowing all the blood. I tried looking in to his mouth.

Loose tooth.
One of the larger back ones.

I used some yoga breathing techniques to keep calm as I called Jake about 14 times. Needless to say, his phone was on silent.

Ash wasn't acting bothered by the tooth so we stayed outside until Jake drove up. I told him and we went inside to investigate.

Jake's use to the blood. I just kept havign flash backs to loosing my own teeth and the feeling of a tooth that was only partially loose, like how Asher's was. Cringe. he wanted nothing to do with the process of checking his mouth out. I called the vet to see if the all the blood was normal. The tech said he was a on the young side but within the normal age range for loosing teeth, and that if the bleeding continued to bring him in. It didn't come to that.

But I now have a nasty pink rawhide stick being carried from room to room. I cant get Ash to give it up. One day I'm going to find him occupied and I'm going to dispose of it.... Until then I'm going to gag every time I see my precious pup.

So What Wednesday

It's time! LAID has a link up....

This week, I'm saying 'so what if':
  • I gripe about family members on my blog. The ones that I know have access to it are OK in my book and I don't mind that they know how I really feel.
  • I had cereal for dinner last night....again
  • I have panic attacks thinking of my husband going grocery shopping alone. I guess I'll see how it goes.
  • I can't eat chocolate with out milk. I actually don't really like chocolate... But it's OK with milk...
  • Judging by my attitude and reactions to everything recently you can tell it's getting close to the womanly aspect of the month. TMI? So What.
  • I share a lot on here... Deal with it.
  • I know I'm not the most interesting person in the world. I still want to think people think I am...(oy vey E...)
  • I only like 1 person I work with... And my Dad doesn't count. 
  • My job is not demanding or hard to do. I spend 80% of my time on blogger, facebook, twitter, google and youtube... At least I have a 7:30-4:30 job that I go to every day.... Which is more than some people. 
  • Now that I've gotten 3 stars on every level on Angry Birds... I'm at a loss of what to do...
  • I'm addicted to Gold Canyon candles. My rep has decided to give up the biz. I cried a little. i still love her though. Plus the website is still there.

Letters to Family Members

Why is it that I feel like I can't talk to certain members of my family?

Is it because I hate conflict? 
Is it because I don't see a reason for bringing up a point of view if I know that it's just going to be bowled over and dismissed immediately once it's brought to the table?
Because in the end, some people never listen anyway.

I care about my family.

It's their life not mine. 
And I praise God every day for that fact.

Here is a place where you can enter every stupid situation you've ever witnessed. Be it
Getting pregnant when everyone knows they can't afford supporting a child.
Continuing to ask for money when they make big purchase, like a flat screen TV.
Living off unemployment 'just because'.
Not getting a job and expecting others to work overtime to support them.
Refusing to ask for help when you need it because it's just expected for people to offer their time.
Paying too much for a puppy because of it's breed. (us)
Starting a business while being clueless about how to run it. (me)
Quitting a job without a backup plan.
Jumping into a decision without any thought for your future.

And any other stupid situation you've put yourself in / had to watch play out. 

Some people have too much pride... Others don't have enough.

Right now, I'm having some issues. But along with the issues comes the realization that there is no aspect of the situation that I can control.

May 24, 2011

Giveaway, When I Reach 100

That's right! I've decided that since I've been blogging for *gasp* almost 2 years now, I'll be giving away something stupendous when I reach the 100 follower mark. 

I'm not too far away. 
Just a few more!

Hell, I'm so excited I might just offer multiple prizes....

Or maybe I'll host a 'Freakin' Awesome Week' of giveaways. 

We'll see. 

First I have to make sure that the things I give away are awesome beyond measure...

And something someone, other than myself, will appreciate. 


Anyone have sweet ideas? Post them below.
Or email me. 

**Ta-ta, my loves. 
Keep your eyes out, and recommend the blog to others so we can get the giveaway extravaganza in gear.

(And no, I totally don't care that I'm hyping this up beyond measure when we know it's going to be just a 'really nice' giveaway. You wouldn't tell your child that their ideas are only sub-par, would you?!) 

Don't kid yourself...
It's gonna be splendiforous!!!! 

Heidi's Retro Heels

{heidi pic via}

Jeans - Forever 21, $22.80
Shirt -
     Coral Top - Forever 21, $24.80
     Black and White - Forever 21, $15.80
Shoes - Zappos.com, $44.99
Ring - Forever 21, $5.80
Bracelets - Forever 21, $5.80

May 23, 2011

One More Time

This must be a sick joke.

We have recently been told that my sister-in-law, Bro's wife, is expecting. (I haven't mentioned her very much, I'll nickname her BW. Straight forward, to the point)

**Please comment your initial reaction to this news about my life/family.**

Let me share with you some information on Bro, BW and JJ.

Bro dated BW in high school. She moved about 2 hours away and they lost contact.
They both dated other people.
In 2006 they met up again and started dating. BW had been in a serious relationship with another guy, which resulted in JJ.
When we met her JJ was 6 months old and too cute for words.
We found out, afer about 2 months, that BW was living with her brother and her ex, but sleeping on the couch with JJ's pack and play close by. My parents deemed it inappropriate for a new mother to be sleeping on a couch because her ex wouldn't move out of her brother's apartment. So, they offered to clean our basement so she could move in.
We all knew that Bro was pretty serious about BW so we helped out. She was completely moved in a month later.

Fast forward 3 years later. Bro and BW get married, JJ turns 4, everyone has a job and Phase 2 (the family's nickname) moves out. The move a good 35 minutes away from home base. It kinda makes it hard for us to help them with JJ when they're that far away,but it's their life.

Now JJ is a HIGH ENERGY child. He's smart, sometimes very sneaky but always a comic and sweeter than all get out.
But he's a handful.
He was a handful when they were living at home and there were 6 adults sharing time with him. Needless to say, BW was scarred by his antics. He is a tough kid to trust to entertain himself in a non destructive way.... I just like to say that he's an artist.

BW has also had quite a few womanly issues. These issues have recently had her off of BC until things were straightened out...

Well, needless to say things took a different turn.
Ta-Da. Congratulations!... No?

On Mother's Day, the day before she tested, She and I had the discussion about sticking it out for another 11/2-2 years until we prego'd it up and demanded all the attention.

Her initiation into the 'barren until 2012' club has been cancelled... Once again, I stand alone.
Only this time, it's really just me.

I'm not upset... It's more of a 'Really?! Ha. Really? Go figure' type of attitude.

I'm actually really excited for Bro. He's always been sad that JJ wasn't his. He's assumed 95% of the fatherly duties, but doesn't have the right to call JJ his son. (Insert story about deadbeat dad not giving up rights so Bro can adopt JJ -here-) His disappointment over the added 'step' is significant. I'm excited that he is going to get to experience every single aspect of father hood after almost 6 years of being a father.

So more babies!


May 22, 2011

A Boot Round-up

Mrs. G. asked me so nicely via twitter to do a post about cowboy boots. It hits close to my heart. I love cowboy boots. They're my favorite boots to own. They never get the recognition they deserve due to the rare opportunity to take them out of the closet. 

Due to that sad fact... I'm gonna take the challenge and find ya'll some kick ass boots.

It's going to be hard due to the general price of the boots. I'll aim for under $100 and a ton of different styles (and prices)..

I'll start with the local. 
Columbus is the host of a great western store called Rod's Western Palace. Complete with giant iron horse. It's an awesome store that reminds me of a Cracker Barrel sans pancakes. This is where I got my lovlies.I would recommend going to the store to try on the boots. You never know if your calf is gonna be too large and in charge for certain boots, it if the idea of a boot is nice but they look awful on... 

1. Brown Cross Boots - $59.99
3. Meadow Boots - $79.95
4. Bomber Western Boots - $89.95
5. Roper Tall Boots - $79.95
6. Tri-tone Boots - $79.95
7. Soft Solid Cross Boots - $79.95
8. Tall Impressed Cross Boots - $79.95
9. The Studded Boots - $59.99

Now for other websites!
Boot Barn
1. Roper Underlay Boots - $64.99
2. Roper Overlay Boots - $64.99
3. Gypsy - $89.99
4. Durango - $94.99

1. Two Tone - $94.00
2. Laredo - $90.30
3. Durango Short - $89.60
4. Dan Post - $97.50
5. Justin - $99.50

1. Roper Dawn - $46.75
2. Roper Star - $63.00
3. Roper Madison - $67.38
4. Dingo Addie - $69.60
5. Durango Fash - $75.90
6. Roper Rockstar - $80.00
7. Durango Jealous - $80.30
8. Laredo Canyon - $83.30
9. Justin Bent Rail - $85.00

May 20, 2011

What I Dream About

OK, so if you took the title of this post literally I'd give you a number of seriously whacked out dreams. Like the one where I was Britney Spears' personal assistant/ image fixer. It was intense. Or when I was Brangelina's nanny. Or when Kevin from the Backstreet Boys left his fiancĂ©e to marry me in an antique mall after he helped me wash my car. It was a Mustang.

What can I say? I'm a romantic.
I have more. 
Anyone want me to bust out old journals from back in the day so I can post them?

No. I want to tell you about what I really dream about.

Being at home with my family. 
Having my 'job' be to keep house and home. 
Not having to bust my rumpski in order to pay bills.
Writing music.
Singing, not for 'me time', but for fun. For others.
Taking my dog on daily walks. At noon.
Having the ability to choose to allow laundry to pile up.
Living in a space that represents my style and taste... Not the style and taste of the family members that owned the furniture before us. 
Painting rooms.
Hardwood floors.
Walk-in closets.
Huge bath tubs.

If only Jake and I could get to the point where we could start working toward that... Instead of playing the waiting game.

It's a good things I believe in good sportsmanship.
And I know that our way is what's right for us.

We're so anti-american in our wait-it-out mentality...
No rash decisions or instant gratification lifestyle here...

With some exceptions...
Like shoes.

May 19, 2011

If I Had Some Extra Cash

I would go craigslist furniture shopping and refurbish these beautiful specimens.

 A pram? Seriousally??!! LOVE!

May 18, 2011

Asher Wednesday: Puppy Update

Update for those of you who love dog stories as much as I love telling them.

Asher is doing really well. He is very food driven and now knows many tricks.

He is growing so much. He came to us at 5 lbs. He has been with us for almost 2 months and he is already close to 8 lbs! It's insane.

He has finally pottied outside. This is something he never did, no matter how long we stayed outside, until 2 weekends ago. One time in April I sat outside with Ash for, literally, 2 hours.... No potty. Not even the dignified puppy squat. It wasn't until Jake took him to a flag football game he was helping with that he decided outside was good enough for him. Since then he has pottied outside a few times but he still prefers to cross his legs and go on the puppy pads inside. 

There has been an improvement in puppy pads. We use to have two on each floor. We are now down to one on each floor, one near the back door and one at the top of stairs in the hallway. Soon I'm hoping that he'll use just the one by the back door. He still has an accident every once in a while. It's about 80-20. I'm happy with it considering he's only 3 months old. And a boy.

The only bad thing that has developed recently is the situation as followed:
Ash was being put in his kennel at night. He would go in sleepy after watching TV with me for a little. OK, he would be sleeping and I would be vegging out. This would be around 10:30-11:30 depending on the show. I would go to bed.
At 2:45-3:30 he would wake up barking the equivalent of bloody murder. There would be no quiet whimpering. No soft yip. Just straight out big boy barking. Th kind that makes your ear drums quiver. I would go down stairs, let him out to pee (normally he wouldn't, he would just pee in the kennel.) and he would get a drink. Then he thought it was play time. He would wander all around and I was too sleepy to protest. I would usually be passed out on the ottoman near his cage or on the couch. I would then wake up about almost an hour later with a sleeping puppy laying on me. By then it would be so late that I wouldn't see the point of getting up again.
Jake got sick of this.
Heck, I got sick of it.
I, however, wasn't thrilled once Jake started letting Asher start his bed routine with falling asleep in bed. It was nice getting my own routine started earlier, but Ash wasn't transferring from bed to kennel as easily as from the couch.
One night, I was in bed by 8:30. Call me a granny but all the near sleepless nights were getting to me.
Jake fell asleep before Ash.

Asher has slept in bed with us since then.
I enjoy a full nights sleep too much to protest.

It also helps that Ash can now jump on and off of the bed...
And he's so amazing about peeing on the puppy pad in the middle of the night.

It makes me almost weep.

Ash still goes in his kennel during the day. So now, instead of a total of 16 hours out of the day of being in his kennel, Asher is only in for the 8 hours Jake and I are at work.

I guess it worked for us.
He is better at winding down.
No more middle of the night tromps down stairs.
No more couch sleeping.
No more washing kennel bedding. (or towels depending on laundry status)
No more insane crazy puppy in the after work hours.
No more guilt about having Ash out for the 2.5 hours between waking up and going to work and having to put him back in his kennel.

It works.
I guess I don't care as much as I thought.
I'm still not thrilled.'

You win some, you loose some.

So What Wednesday

So what if:
  • I, literally, rewound my DVR last night to watch Lea Michelle sing "My Man" on Glee about 30 times. It's an amazing cover of the song from Funny Girl. And she performs it oh so well.
  • My phone is now filled with pictures of cats, puppies and babies... Such is life.
  • I wear all my jewelery, all the time.
  • I beat Angry Birds at work, now I'm going through and getting 3 stars on every level. 
  • I think $100 for an hour is steep at a tattoo parlor... 
  • I have TMJ issues and I still chew gum.
  • My jaw gets tired after chewing gum for 5 minutes... I still chew gum.
  • I wish we could program our cars to drive themselves... I'd get about 10 more minutes of sleep on the way to work...
  • I purge my closet every 6 months. At least I wear 85% of my clothes. My hubs can never accuse me of wasting $$...
  • My biker boots make me look a little butch. I can't help it if I'm a badass. Jake loves me anyway.
  • I'm scared to use the Tricare system of health insurance. I love all my current Dr's and would like to keep it that way... (but a pay raise of $8 for Jake would be nice...) Damn.
  • I'm a homebody... and I like to infect anyone with in a 20 ft radius. Don't call me unless you want to watch some Netflix.
  • We have Netflix now...
  • We're sharing the Netflix account with some random guy Jake works with. I hope he likes all the Rom Com's I'm about to rate on his account.
Much Love!!!!

May 17, 2011

Seeing the Good in the Bad

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." That's the sum up for my feelings about this deployment. Do you want to hear the pros and cons? The bad definately outweighs the good due to the nature of it all.

Jake's Deployment:

  • No more Jake buying lunches instead of packing.
  • KG living with me while Jake, and her fiance, are deployed. AKA- I won't be by myself.
  • The bedroom will be clean for once.
  • Selling Jake's Honda will look nice in our savings account.
  • One gas tank to fill.
  • I'll get an extreme taste of what med school will be like.
  • KG's cleanliness habits will get a chance to rub off onto me. The girl's OCD and I love it.
  • No x-box live bill.
  • Selling the second desktop computer.
  • One desktop computer running all the time instead of two.
  • Lower grocery bills (splitting with KG)
  • 1/2 rent payment (splitting it with KG).
  • Living with another girl who isn't on the baby track. Who understands where I am in life and respects it.
  • As much of Jake's paycheck being dumped into savings as possible.
  • The ability to be busy without feeling bad/depressed about not being at home hanging out with my love.
  • We're getting a laptop.
  • When he gets home we'll get a newer used car, possibly a house (depending on med school) and we'll be able to plan on actually living our lives.
  • One, and only one, deployment.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • No cuddles
  • Fur babies are gonna be so sad and depressed.
  • I'm gonna be so sad and depressed.
  • No date nights.
  • KG and I are probably going to cry ourselves to sleep without our men-folk.
  • I've never had a roommate before.
  • The weirdness of R&R if KG's fiance comes home a different week than Jake...
  • Jake's leaving.
  • I'll have to do everything by myself, again... I feel like he just got home from AIT.
  • Everyone is going to be extra sensitive toward me and make me feel all awkward.
  • No sex.
  • R&R is going to be absolutely crazy/stressfull. That is if he even gets it.
  • I have to clean/empty the storage closet so KG has a closet for her clothes...
  • How do KG and I work out her room... Does the office make way for her bedroom or does she move into the office. (I'd take the computers out obv.)
  • The weirdness of someone moving into 'our' home.
  • Jake's going to miss out on his niece and nephew's first year.
  • Jake isn't even going to the same base as Twin, even though they're on the same unit...
  • Having a schedule for every second Jake is home.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • The question as to whether Jake will ahve internet or reliable phone service while he's deployed.
  • Asher isn't going to be full grown by the time that he leaves. Jake's going to be scared that he wont remember him by the time he is back home.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • I'll have to learn how to cook.
  • Switching everything over to me so that bills continue to get paid.
  • Jake's leaving.
  • No husband.
  • No boy movies.
  • No gangster rap battles.
  • No holding hands.
  • No sports center.
  • No lights out conversations.
  • No random text messages.
  • No Jacob.
I'm trying to get a grip now so that when September comes I'll be able to handle it. It doesn't help that I know KG will be a mess. She always is. She knows it too, and I love her for it... In her mind she's the crazy one...

You guys know the truth.

May 16, 2011

XBox Kinect Review

I have always complained that our choice of gaming system, the Xbox 360, never had girl type games that I would want to play. Every game that I ever saw involved shooting bad guys or..... blowing up bad guys. Not quite my type of game.

Plus the controller was a little involved for my taste... So you use the little joy stick, do you not use it. I thought that's what the arrows were for. I spend more time looking at what my hands are doing rather than the screen... Then I get killed.

I'd rather not be killed in a game. It's just not fun when you don't even stand a chance.

As a prize for making it through the two weeks of training with out spending much money, Jake let me get the Kinect!

(I totally thought we were going to get a grill... Which would have been no fun for me.)

The Kinect came with the Kinect Adventure game that is similar to the what the Wii has. I loved making my avatar, playing agility games sans controller.

He then downloaded got us the dance central game!!
It's amazing!

I've only played it twice since we got it. Each time it was for 2-3 hours. I love the game and I actually start sweating when I play. I feel like I do pretty well for myself. ('Easy' lets you believe your a dancing machine)

It was totally worth blowing a little money on. Now I can work out and have fun doing it!

Jake's not as keen on dancing up a storm.

But it was funny when I caught him trying the dance moves in the kitchen while he was george forman-ing up some chicken breasts.

I highly recommend it.

And I like it better than the Wii. {Gasp}

May 14, 2011

I Came Home to This

This morning I left the house around 8:45 in order to make it across our little suburb for a music rehearsal for the summer musical. 
Yes, it has started, already. 
Yes, I'm auditioning.

I was done by 11.
I picked up KG and went to the mall to visit Vicki's to pick up my free coupon and some bras. We ate at Subway. I dropped her off at home.

 I came home to this.....

Yes, Asher is still alive. 
No, I don't know what all he ate, but I do know we have one less bag of kitty treats...
The bath mat now has to be replaced because he pulled it apart.

I'm just happy that I cleaned the toilet yesterday.

Hello, weekend.