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April 20, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if:

  • I am now completely obsessed with my niece.
  • I tend to clean more once company is already at our house....
  • I haven't gone grocery shopping since my husband left for training. String cheese, peperoni slices and cresant rolls paired with chocolate milk totally equal a meal.
  • I broke the battery compartment on my semi-new camera... As long as I hold it closed the thing works. Jake won't be pleased...........
  • I never realized how often Jake and I stayed home until he left. I'm using Asher as an excuse now.
  • I stood outside in my pajamas while fire fighters delt with an electrical fire from a unit in another building on Sunday night. I took Asher out and zipped him into my hoodie. I didn't even care that I looked totally stupid, he was cold. everyone else was out smoking and drinking beer... I was holding a shivering puppy in my hoodie. I just wanted to complete the W.T. picture.
  • I think I would have felt guilty hanging out at the hospital with Big Sis after she had Paisley if Jake were home. I miss him, but I'm glad I was able to be there for my family... I felt needed.


NANCY said...

Happy "Get Wired Wednesday"! I'm following you now thru the blog hop and hope that you'll follow me back. Have a fantastic day!!


Shannon Dew said...

Omg I love your dinner! I have been known to take tortillas & spread some retried beans, cheese & sour cream for a "meal"

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Dinner sounds yummy. I do that too when my fiance is gone; I rarely go shopping and just make something random.

Congratulations on the niece!! My best friend is pregnant, so I'll pretty much be like an aunt.. I'm so excited!