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April 6, 2011

Our Little Man

I realize that I haven't updated about our newest edition to the casa.

Asher came home and right off the bat we noticed that he is a chunky little thing (in comparison to how Maverick was when he came home.)

He also holds his bladder longer. I mean this is a big thing. Maverick truly peed every 20 minutes. I can't even tell you how many times a day I washed his kennel bedding. More than twice. Asher's sweet pee holding skills sometimes freaks Jake and I out because we're so use to doing the potty/treat routine SO often that when Ash doesn't go, we stress about it and start following him around with a puppy pad....

Is it sad that I'm only kind of kidding.


He also is CRAZY. I mean seriousally. I think he's posessed sometimes. other times he sleeps like the dead. i could shake him, move him, scream at the top of my lungs and he would only open his one eye at me, sigh and go back to sleep. It's funny.

Sometimes, I do everything in my power to get hime to look at me with that disgusted look, sigh and flop his head over the edge of my arm.

So here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks!
Meeting the kitty
Ash meeting the puppy in the mirror.
Sleepy after Dad gets home.

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Heather said...

So cute! I'm your newest follower from I <3 blogging hop.