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April 11, 2011

Life, as I Know It.

So it's been a while since I've updated about Army sh*t stuff. Jake has been going to training for the past few days.

Yes, again.

The first few days he's able to come back home for the night, but after that, he's gone for almost 10 days. I get to enjoy his company for another 2 days. It's not as bad as last time... But it's still not fun.
I'm gonna be home alone with a puppy to train and a self to entertain. It's not that I'm bad about being by myself. I'm not. Actually, I do quite well. It's just that I can't pass off waking up with Asher at 3am will have a big queen sized bed to myself. If we allowed a TV in our bedroom I'd probably end up groaning while flipping channels, a la Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. Instead I'll probably end up sleeping on the couch more often than not and groan while flipping channels with Asher, happy as a clam to have the company.

When I said I was good at being alone in our apartment, I meant just during the day.

Maybe I'll get some things done while he's gone.... Maybe some babies will make some grand appearances while he's gone. (I hope at least one will come while he is still here and able to visit.)

I'm hoping that I'll be so busy that I'll be distracted by Jake being gone. In reality, I expect many nights sitting on the couch ahead of me. Maybe I should call in the reinforcements of friends whose significant others are also going to the training.

Wish me luck...

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Mrs. G said...

you should bring Asher over for some romping in my backyard!!! Yay for fur baby play dates!