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April 1, 2011


Lately, Hubs has been complaining to me about his clothes not fitting. My sister would tell me to smack the man due to his no-laundry stance and the fact that I prefer to put his clothes away for him.

Yes, he is an adult.
No, I'm not his mother.
Yes, I want him to do it.
No, I can't just let it sit there.
No, he hasn't won't get the point of me 'just not doing it.' I've tried. It was a hard 2 weeks.
He does the dishes.........

85% of the time.

AAAAAHH. That is not my point here!!!! (sheesh)

Where was I? Oh complaining.

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So my policy on laundry is: whites, blues, darks, reds. they each get a load. Each load gets washed in warm/cold, then normal dryer...

Is this wrong? Or is my hubs just not willing to admit that he's got a little extra settling on that 6 foot frame of his... I haven't recently been doing the jean dance in order to get the 'poured into' effect noticed any difference.

Have I been bad about my laundry technique? Should I really follow the labels and air dry everything?

Could my husband just have happened to grow another inch and not know it? Could the sweatshirt he wore as a mid-drift bearing top last night mean that I'm a bad laundress?



J-Bird said...

It *is* possible that you're shrinking his clothes. I do at least 8 loads (not including linens) because of the very different settings. It also makes the loads smaller and (IMHO) more efficient.

You'll figure it out soon enough. Short pants are hard to deny. =)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I don't do laundry. My husband does! I'm a new follower from Saturday Stalk Remix. http://www.grandmasguidetolife.blogspot.com