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April 26, 2011

I'm Fully Surrounded

When, seemingly, everyone around you is pregnant, your views on certain things change.
{WK, Big Sis and SIL}

I can only imagine how it will continue to change as I watch all of my nieces and nephews grow.
Then even more when it's my turn.

One of the biggest changes in my life so far due to this has been how I look at clothing.

Now, I'm completely aware of my body and where I sit in the view of things. I know that when I'm eventually prego, I'm gonna show off the bump like it's a new coach purse. Then, maybe I'll reward myself with a new coach bag just to complete the awesomeness.

Recently I've noticed that when I go through my clothes, I:
1. Take out a piece I haven't worn in a few months
2. Decide if it's prego worthy. 
3.  Put it back or toss (depending on outcome)

I'm also doing this while shopping.

It's a good thing I enjoy a more classic/basic style with flavor thrown in.
Otherwise I'd be screwed.

By that point....


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