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April 13, 2011

Ash(er) Wednesday

Is that a P.C. post name?
I didn't think so.
But it's funny!

He's doing pretty well. His energy is a little more than I can deal with at times, but that's what we get with a healthy puppy. He is working on being house trained. it's going to take a while. Male IG's are just that way. So we're working on puppy pad training while introducing him to pottying outside. With the first couple of weeks being so cold, it's a little hard to get a pup outside to do anything when they've never been out before coming to us.

His crate training is actually going really well. When he is just a little bit sleepy, he goes in without a peep. We fond that out and haven't done it any other way. He wakes up about once a night and depending on what time it is goes back in his kennel pretty well. If it's too close to my alarm time I just get started early or doze on the couch for the few minutes until my alarm sounds.

He's a biter. That's the only issue right now. It's one that I'm hoping he will grow out of . Until then, no baby meetings for him. He gets too excited then bites and if he's corrected it just riles him up more.

We're looking into puppy classes once he's old enough, but that's not for almost 2 weeks.

He has now met all his fur cousins (x4) and his fur aunts and uncles. (this includes the cats too.)

Here are pics of me helping him play a game of tug with Twin and TOB's husky girl, Diesel.

We are hoping to start attending central Ohio IG meet-ups that I have found through meetup.com.

We've had Asher for three weeks, as of tomorrow. Here are some pictures!

 'I hate you, Mom'

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