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April 29, 2011

Fanciful Fashion Fridays

If only I could fall into the GAP.

{All pics via Gap.com}

April 28, 2011

Mary Poppins Comes to C-Bus

For Christmas I was so excited to receive tickets to see Mary Poppins the Musical from Jake's grandma.

She gave them to me after finding out that SIL, who love musicals, was pregnant. Due to SIL's due date being so close to the performance date she handed them off to muah.

It's a good thing because SIL is now on bed rest...
(Poor girl. Let's hope this little one come soon!)

So, due to Jake's lack of interest in the Disney movie and the idea of the musical, I asked Big Sis if she would be up to going. She quickly told her hubs that he had to be on baby patrol.

I was so proud of her. Leaving her less than 2 week old in the hands of Papa so she could have a night out. She was so calm and collected (she almost had a 'moment' when we picked her up, but she held it together.)
Big Sis stalking Paisley via her droid app 'Baby ESP'...
(Which her hubs kept properly updated...
She was sleeping through most of  Big Sis being gone.)

Jake dropped us off (my excuse for making him drive was that Big Sis couldn't 'over do it' and it was going to rain. I win.) and we entered the Ohio Theatre. We were early and it was a good thing. We got in line to get our purchases. I got a show shirt, umbrella ornament and a collectors show program. It was hefty, but Jake O.K.'d the purchases.

"Well, your only going to go once, right?"

I love my husband.
(it was a little expensive...)

Once we were done with that we went to the ushers and were escorted to our seats.


What?! Who does that?!

Us evidently.

The show was amazing. We were so close, we could have been spit on by the cast.
The sets were jaw dropping.
The costumes were awesome.
The flying was stellar.
The dancing was great.
The actors were spot on!
(the girl playing 'Jane Banks' is from C-Bus. What up hometown!)

It was an awesome show.

April 27, 2011

Time 100 Gala in NYC

Blake lively = Amaze-balls!!