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March 31, 2011

Us: Part 4 (Our engagement)

Jake purchased my engagement ring in September of 2008. I found out immediately after the proposal that I was difficult and called out plans before they happened. There was an idea of meeting me at the airport ring in hand. There were many other ideas, but I kept saying 'I bet he'll do this'. Dumb me. Then I kept messing up plans due to Christmas shopping. In the end Jake chose to do things his own way.

On December 23rd. I had scrubbed that day wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants to work and class. It wasn't an attractive look for me, but I am all still all about comfort. Jake met me at my parent's house after voice lesson so that we could go to Barns & Noble to buy a book for Jake's mom's Christmas gift. After Big Sis telling me my sweats made me look like I had a load in them (Yeah she's nice like that), I changed into jeans, grabbed a gift card I had found and we headed out the door.

I have an obsession with books, and the mention of looking for Sense and Sensibility put a skip in my step.

On the way to the store I started complaining about being hungry. Jake didn't want to stop anywhere before hand. I was adamant. 'There is a freakin Panara right next door. I'm going. I'll just get a soup and eat it really quick.' Jake wasn't pleased. But I ignored him as he sat, foodless, texting his brother.

Once I was done we headed next door. I beelined for the classics section and started looking for Jane Austen. It didn't take long, what can I say, I have a gift. As I was looking at all the beautiful books I pulled out a hard cover of Pride and Prejudice and showed it to Jake in a not so subtle hint for Christmas. All the while Jake was doing some searching of his own. After kneeling down and finding the copies of Sense and Sensibility, I turned to ask him whether he wanted to get his mom a hard back or a soft back copy...

My eyes met with a display copy of Pride and Prejudice/Northanger Abbey tied with a big red bow. Jake shoved it closer to my face. I stayed where I was, absentmindedly weighing the pros and cons of playing along with the game. Making up my mind I stood up and took the book. But then I looked at his face. He was dead serious.

'Is this for me?'

'Yep' Looking at the little tag on it that read 'Erin'....

'Oh, seriously? This really is for me?'

'Look inside'

I hesitated, still thinking it was a display book... So, he pulled the ribbon off himself. Needless to say I was confused. Jake isn't normally a overly romantic guy. Doing a gift exchange in the middle of a Barns & Noble, while sweet, isn't his style. I noticed his hand was shaking and everything came to me...

My mind then went completely blank. There, sitting in a little square cut out in the pages of Northanger Abbey, sat my ring. As I held the ring in my hand I dumbly asked 'Really?' Jake just laughed at me and adorably said, 'yeah, but I'm going to need that.' He then got down on one knee. We proceeded to have a conversation, while he was down there, about how he not only had to get on one knee but he also had to place the ring on my finger. He didn't know there was a specific hand... I had to extract my right hand from his grasp and replace it with my left.

Obviously I said 'Yes'. Little did I know, Twin, TOB, SIL and her hubs were all there getting pictures! They had been guarding the book while I forced Jake to Panara. We went looking for them and exchanged hugs. We relived the moment telling them all the funny things about the proposal. They told me that there was a celebration planned at a local restaurant and that I semi-ruined it by eating before hand. It was funny. When we got tho the restaurant everyone was there. I was too happy to feel bad about eating beforehand and had an awesome time talking to everyone.

After eating we planned to head back to Jake's mom's house to tell her the news. (she had knee surgery that day and was contently drugged up at home.) It had started snowing pretty hard while we were eating and on the way back to the house. On the way back Jake lost control of the car and we got into a fender bender with SIL. the front bumper got stuck to their car.

Did I mention it was Jake's mom's car?

It was a typical end to a wonderful night.

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