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March 30, 2011

Us: Dating (Part 3)

Jake took me to see the Incredibles. It was our first date. After the movie, some innocent hand flirting (you know the whole, more-than-just-holding-hands, holding hands) and a drive to a dark park by his grandma's house were finally alone and bored. I was trying to be playful and challenged him to a swinging competition....

After almost tipping the swing set I decided that it was too dangerous and said so as I jumped off the swing and gracefully fell on my butt. I was humiliated but trying to play it off by staying there. Jake jumped off and almost fell as well as I laughed at myself. He came and sat by me to ask me if I was alright. I was, all of a sudden, nervous and decided that it had been years since I had played on a Big Toy playground. I leisurely crossed the chain linked bridge and went to the top slide with Jake following close behind.

'So are we dating' He asked.

'Officially? That's entirely up to you'

'No, it's up to you' (this is a glimpse into our married life)

'No, that's all you buddy.'

'OK then..........' Longest conversational pause ever.

'Go out with me, babe?'

I die.

I might have deflated his ego by laughing at his absurdly adorable wording and told him yes. Then we made out... It was glorious.

After that we were inseparable.

His mom met me when she caught us making out on the couch while we were watching Singing in the rain after school one day. She had adored his ex and was not very happy that I was the reason that they had broken up. She thought Jake needed a little more of an excuse to break up with her other than just having feelings for another girl.

I met his whole family a week after we started dating... That's right, I went to Thanksgiving dinner. Oy Vey! I had never been so overwhelmed in my life. But I made it though. And in return he went to my family's Thanksgiving dinner...

My senior year was amazing. It was like Jake and I had always been together. I had never been so comfortable in my own skin. I knew almost from the beginning that with Jake it was a forever thing. It seems as though he did too because we were never shy about talking about marriage or the children we would have together.

He stuck with me through my transfer from high school to college. I stayed through the thick and thin of his parent's nasty divorce. I even debated with him the pros and cons of joining the military. He shared his hopes and dreams with me and in turn I did the same.

4 years went by feeling like forever and no time at all.


Stephanie said...

That's such a sweet post. You guys are so cute. And I love your 2011 book list - lots of great ones on there!

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Sleppery said...

You guys are adorable!
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Ashley said...

Such a cute story. My love story is very similar :) I love saying that I married my high school sweetheart.