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March 11, 2011

Slipping Through Your Fingers

It's so hard to see something so vital to daily life, like money, being wasted. It's even harder to realize, in retrospect, that you are just as guilty as the next person.

A big problem in my house is eating out. Cooking has been something that I haven't been super into. I'm lazy. Plain and simple. I always go with the wasting time mentality. 'Why waste my time standing in the kitchen, slaving over food my husband could possibly not eat, when I could be doing something else?' My "something else" usually consisted of laundry, online games or reading a book.

Why this semi-panic stricken post, you ask?

It's pay day. I haven't looked at the statement in 2 weeks. To look and see 25 transactions related to fast food and sit down restaurants in 14 days is depressing. By the way, there were only 3 sit down restaurant transactions...

Now, some days the transactions were due to Jake and I both buying lunch at separate times. But 25 is still a staggering number to me in a two week time period.

We can do better than that.

It has to end. I need encouragement and inspiration. I'm not going to be able to do it on my own and any nay-saying will cause me to jump ship.

I'm going shopping Saturday morning. No more wasting money buying fast food. Let the cooking begin.

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Nikki said...

YOu should start with 5-7 easy meals that you both like and then add on from there. That way you know that at least every other night you are cooking something simple and delish.