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March 13, 2011

Shower of Babies

Big Sis's baby shower was last weekend. I prepped SIL's casa by bringing all my shitok over and dutifully watching some of season 1 of Glee. She had never seen it and I promised to get her addicted by the end of the night. Success.

Then Sleep time. The party started at 10:30. I ran out to Krispy Kreme to grab some mini doughnuts... cause that was the theme...

Then guests started arriving.

It was a packed house. But tons of fun.

This is C. She's adorable and had me read the books my sister got while she was opening gifts.
It was so cute!

Opening Gifts!!!
This weekend it was SIL's turn. They have a little bit more family then we do.
Can you tell? With the party being boat themed they hung a line and clipped up all the little boy clothes. It was really cute!
(you have to use an actual line for this... Trust me, SIL and I tried to do this before for a cousin and yarn just doesn't do the trick.)

Oh. These are all my prego's...
Pregos in a line!

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