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March 23, 2011

Kids N' Pets

After having a puppy, a sick puppy, I take my carpet cleaning solutions seriously.
When we got Maverick we started with Resolve Pet Stain. It was what was recommended to us. I didn't mind scrubbing. It worked.

Then one day Walmart was out of it. I panicked and had to select a new stain remover because the good Lord knows a puppy doesn't stop peeing just because you don't have a stain fighter to chase after him with.

After reading bottle after bottle trying to make sure that products didn't have any harmful ingredients I found the mother of all stain cleaners!!!!

It is recommended by AnimalPlanet. No harsh chemicals. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Child and pet safe. No cover up perfume. I grabbed that thing an bolted from the cleaning supplies isle.

After a pup accident I lept at the opportunity to clean up the mess. Yes I really did scramble for the Kids N' Pets. I love new things and I was excited to see if the cleaner was as good as they claimed. I'm a nerd like that.

I followed the directions and fell in love. I didn't even have to scrub the dang floor!!! I'm never going back. I've bought this in multiples, which isn't a normal shopping practice of mine, just in case they ever didn't have it at the store.

I've used it on carpet, rugs, clothes (it was an accident, he was a pup), kennel bedding, the kennel tray (that was a bad day), and it took care of everything. I didn't mind squirting some of the cleaning solution into the laundry when I washed pup clothes Mav had peed on. (he couldn't help it that everything was too big for him.)

I love it. I'm a fan for life.

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Mrs. G said...

I.effing.LOVE.this stuff!!!!! I even go as far as to put in the carpet cleaner when we rent one so it gets really in there. LOVE IT!!!