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March 4, 2011

Before Puppy

So we haven't picked a final name for the puppy yet. He'll be coming home with us when he turns 8 weeks old, which is the week of the 24th. Jake's having a harder time than I am picking a name because he wants the name to be something that hits him over the head the way Maverick did.

-Side note-
It's a lot harder getting over the loss of a pet when it happens before you truly expect it or have time to digest whats happening. We try to keep the sadness out when we talk to other people. It's better because we can look forward to the new puppy, but we still lost a very young puppy only months ago. Don't expect me to bust into tears over losing Maverick. I cried myself out by the week after it happened. But don't comment when I talk about my Maverick. Just accept it and let me move on. I wont bring him up excessivly or at awkward moments.... Just sayin'.

I'm done now.

So the things that I want to get done before our little man comes home.

List time. Don't you love it?! (No? Well, I do!)
  • Clean and organize laundry room so Ezekiel can have a little space of his own with his food and litterbox among our random small storage space.
  • Organize and clean office. (It's so close)
  • Wash all capet areas.
  • Hang picture frames that we have.
  • Scrub all walls. (Before hanging anything, naturally)
  • Move bedroom around to a more functional layout. (This might be an ongoing project due to Jake's unwillingness for change. And he's gonna have to help. Tricky)
  • Figure out how to best deal with trashcans. we need them in the rooms, however we also can't have pup getting into them all the time.
  • Set up a chore chart by day. (This is just for myself. I gotta get my butt in gear.)
  • Get pup a soft dog bed for lounging.
  • Get pup a heating pad (non-electric) to help with crate training.

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