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February 23, 2011

On the Horizon

Jake, SIL, her hubs and I all took a trip to the Ohio University area. Jake and I dropped off the love bird parent-to-be's to relive their college days on campus while we drove the 30 minutes to Coolville, OH to visit with our breeder.

We left the got up early, I went over to my parents house to let Toria (my mom's dog) out for the day, then showered and high-tailed it over to SIL's house so we could leave.

It was a good easy drive. SIL's hubs drove because he 'could do the drive in his sleep.' And quite frankly I was ok with that. It was much nicer not having to man the GPS and stay concious the whole tome... But I did anyway since SIL and I talked about everything under the sun. The boys were contently quiet. I'm sure we provided a nice droning noise as we went along.

Upon reaching OU campus we parked and went to find a place to eat. We ended up eating at O'Betty's Red Hot Dogs & Sausages. It was REALLY good and there was a little hotdog museum inside. It was pretty funny.

After lunch Jake and I left for Coolville and I was forced to man the GPS. Not my favorite job, but one I accept with grace. At least my hubs finds me useful in the car for something.

JP, Our breeder, was ready for us and eager to have us meet our little man.

HE WAS SO ADORABLE!!!!(doesn't Jake look like a proud papa?)

We stayed for an hour plus some. He was too precious to leave. But somehow we managed to do it.

Only 4-5 more weeks until he's home with us! And there will be much celebrating.

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Jill said...

What kind of puppy is that?