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February 2, 2011

Lights Out

The past 2 days Ohio has had issues with freezing rain. Pair that with high winds and some snow-nder storms (snow lightning and thunder storms) and you get a power outage.

My prego sister has invested in 'YakTrax'. They're classy and safe! Hahaha
Last night we had a power outage. Power went out around 8 something. It interrupted my DRV'd episode of Cougar Town. I was sad. The night was then followed by Jake and I trying to find lighters so we could light candles. The two candles we had were seriously low and I burnt my nail trying to light them while holding them upside down.... It wasn't pleasant.

Then Jake found a Colman glow stick and we used that as our light source to search for flashlights and such...

I wasn't as cooperative and I wanted to Rave in our living room.

Once we settled down via candle light, Jake started playing his PSP. I continued to Rave. This is the result. Look closely.

Once I saw that my husband was engrossed in his little fighting game I decided to hunker down and read my nook. (praise the lord for nook book lights!) I then got each of us a beer and cuddled down on the couch to read.

Some people would have taken advantage of the romantic candle light and alcohol.... Meh. We decided to spend some quality together time doing different things.

And neither of us minded in the least.

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Nikki said...

That's a bummer about losing power. As heavy as the tree in our backyard was with ice, I'm surprised we didn't lose a branch or too. Hope your power is back soon.