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February 14, 2011

Grammy Red Carpet

So other than the Lady Gaga insanity,
lets talk about the Grammy's. OK before I begin, What the heck was Snookie doing there? Alright That's out of my system.

We'll start with the bad.

Oh Rihanna.... First you start letting C.B. back into your life... Now this? The next time you need a dress, call me. I'm sure I could do a better job.

I don't even know what to say about this...... Tragic.Oy Vey!I'm not a big fan of the mullet dress... (Naya, please have just one more burger a day. Love you.)
The OK.

Jen, I want to see your children, not your baby maker. Other than that I love the dress. I just wish you'd add another inch or two to the skirt there....Not too shabby. Diane is looking like quite a glam here. The cut of the top isn't my fav, but she is stunning.I actually don't mind this dress. I love the blue, the print just leaves you a little wanting... Can you see where there is a little mini dress under there? I almost would have rather seen her in that. Played that up just a little but.... I don't love Miley. This dress is pretty. She does look good with a little weight on her. Her face is a little more round, it makes her look more grown up. I almost wish I could see the top of the dress better, but her extensions are in the way. She looks good though.This isn't the type of dress I would usually like. I would have liked it if the slit wasn't so high... or there.... The top is really interesting though. Appropriate for the event. I love the print.The Good:

Yay pregos!!! This is a totally charming prego red carpet dress! I don't know why Selma Blair was there.... Is she married to someone and I'm just behind?
This is a dress I want. Like right now. Give it to me.
Holy Crap. I had better look like that after as many kids as Heidi has. I ADORE this dress. Perfect.
Unlike the critics, I believe Amber can do no wrong. The silhouette was perfect for her curves. I actually like the contrast between the animal print and the crazy detail. I even like her bolero. She's rocking it and I don't care what other people have to say about it.
Stylish men, represent!. I may not be a huge fan but I do appreciate a guy who really expresses his true self. In all honesty, I don't appreciate the Fabio look, but I think he looks pretty good.

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