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February 25, 2011

Glee Original Song

Glee's debut of their two original songs came out today, 'Loser like me' and 'Get it right'.

Listening to the Loser like me track I was pretty OK, I'm not a big fan of making Lea Michelle sound like every other teeny-bop songstress out there, until I heard the middle part where they start shouting/rapping.... YUCK. That part ruined the song for me. I'll sing along, Glee, but I won't ever adore that song.

Get it right sounds more like the Lea Michelle that we have been hearing throughout the show. I like the more acoustic sound (It's more my style). I like the theme of the song. It's a very popular topic. I like hearing more of what Lea is capable of doing with her voice. (Other than her typical blast your ears off belting out one note until you can picture her squinting her eyes because she's overcome by her powerful voice) It's a good one. i actually really like it.

To hear it for your self, head to ryansecrest.com and have a listen!

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