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February 24, 2011

Farewell BalletMet

Yeah, my internship has come to a close. It was really interesting and such a great learning experience working there as an intern for so long.

I was going to try to stay on for 6 months, but Jake got offered a full time position as a Rad tech. The pay difference between a contingent and a full time Rad Tech is somethign like $6... In the wrong direction. So since we're going to working on $6 less an hour from Jake's job, I'm now unable to stay on as a non-paid intern at BalletMet when I could be getting paid to work at OSU. It sucks. I'm not happy. But that's life.

So maybe one day I'll get the chance to be in an inovative, caring, creative enviorment like that one again. Until then, hours of mind numbing busy work here I come.

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