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February 26, 2011

Dear Girls,

Dears Girls of this age,
I understand that you think that short skirts are sexy. And I'll agree that, to a man, there is nothing better than showing some skin. (key word, SOME) However, are you really on the hunt for that kind of man? You truly want a man who would prefer you in a skin tight, mini skirt and boob flashing shirt? Really? You want a man that will show you off at face value?

Let me tell you a little bit about boys. They like the effort you put into impressing them. They like to be the reason you show off. However, once you are theirs, and I use the ownership of that phrase in the most positive butterfly feeling kind of way, they want to keep some mystery. If they see you flashing more skin than clothes, they're going to be turned off by your seemingly brazen and skin central style. Once you're theirs, they want that to be their own personal treat. Not a free show for anyone willing to take a gander at your gams and such.

I say this because while trying to impress men by shortening the skirts and showing skin, you are at the same time turning off the type of man who will look behind the facade of sex appeal to the true woman inside of you. The one who you will be able to laugh and cry with through the best and worst of times. It's those types of men who will love you no matter what you wear or how much makeup you have on. It's those types of men who will honor you for the rest of their lives and not even think twice about staying true to you...

I know that the desire to feel desired is there. It's a woman thing. We all want to stop men in their tracks with just one look.... But is that really the type of guy that you want? One that will see a woman in a mini and start drooling?

Appreciation from men starts first with self appreciation. Love yourself and the men will follow suit. Go for the look that leaves some to the imagination. The man in your life will feel more secure in your relationship and you will enjoy a relationship that goes more than skin deep.

Much love,
A married woman who wishes skirts were about an inch longer.

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