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February 15, 2011


That's right Now I'm up to a niece and 2 nephews. I'm pretty OK with that.

Is it bad that I'm glad that TOB is having a boy?... Just to ensure that their first child won't be their only child. There's no way TOB is going to not try for a girl.

So the status of babies in my life right now are:

Big Sis - Having a girl. They're having a hard time agreeing on a name so the kid will be called Squish until day of delivery.

SIL - Having a boy. Due to their lastname starting with a B baing nervous about people saying Gay B----- instead of Gabe B------, they have changed their name choice to Noah Thomas. I think it's an awesome name. (plus, good call on the nickname issues)

TOB - Having a boy. They're going to use Gabriel since SIL can't. Not a bad choice. No word on middle names, yet.
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Jill said...

Love those shoes...

I left you some awards on my blog today!