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January 10, 2011

Three Weddings and A Funeral.

Last night was spent at Jake's mom's house, per usual. Jake's grandma, G-Rob, announced that she is getting married.


OK, so it wasn't really a surprise. She's been dating this guy for almost a year now. He was with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He doesn't have any kids, therefore the sheer number of us should have scared the poor old man away... He stuck around and even kisses everyone's cheeks. 
So cute.

We didn't think that they would get married due to Jake's grandpa's social security pension. It's quite a bit of money and if G-Rob got married she would loose it...

That's not going to keep them apart.


Come June or July.... Another wedding.

It seems Jake's side of the family can't let a year slide without a giant event.

Next up, SIL's baby.
Then I still have 2 step-sister-in-laws..... Who knows what the next few years could bring.

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