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January 20, 2011

Puppy Update

Well Dot and Aruba's litter is due on the 28th. Jake and I are getting ancy. We just want to know what we're getting. Girl, Boy? Grey, Black, Seal?

We went to a pet store on our holiday/day off and played with a little Iggy that we have been told about.

Yes, our family loves us and tells us about Iggys all over town that we can go and play with.

Yes, I teared up at the pet store.

No, we didn't get her, even though she was only $725... (That's cheap for an IG. normally we're seen them in the $900-1200 range at pet stores... I'm starting to think that they're getting cross bred "Italian Grethounds" because the one at the other pet store had an apple head and short snout, like a Chihuahua.... I'm just making observations here.)

Hopefully we'll have word from our breeder soon.

8 Days until Dot's due date!

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