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January 8, 2011

Puppy Situation Update

So with us loosing Maverick, Jake and I jump started a discussion with our breeder about what happened and where to go from here.

We all decided that a replacement puppy would be a good way to go. She has 2 litters due in January. One has the same father that Mav had. The other is a new pair. Since the issue with Maverick was a birth defect and the breeder being on the look out for issues with the rest of Maverick's littermates she requested that we wait to choose a puppy until the 2nd litter arrived around Jan 28th.

Jake and I are excited. We miss having a little cuddle bug with us 24/7. We decided to trust in our breeder and go with her suggestion.

The first litter came on New Years day. A litter of 3, one of which was a seal (gray) boy. Here are the parents.

Johnny Cash

The father has the coloring we want but our breeders is nervous about us having any other issues. I think she's a little superstitious.

I'm so torn, but we're still going to wait until the second litter comes to choose.

The second litter isn't due until the very end of the month. Here are the parents.


The mother's dark coloring is a very exciting thing. This is going to be her first litter, just before her second birthday. The dad has been bred a few times and always had thrown quite a few seal puppies that were all in perfect health. Our breeder is more confident in this pairing.

it's time to start getting excited!

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Mrs. G said...

I am partial to the second litter because the mom's name is Dot... just saying.