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January 26, 2011

One of Those Dreams

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're back in time and able to re-live every aspect of your life. I had one of those last night. I was given the opportunity to change aspects of the life that I have led. It was pretty heavy.

It was one of those dreams where after you wake up you still think of what you would do.

It's so hard to look at your life and see the things that you would change, given the chance. This morning while I was in the shower I thought about each part of my life.

I decided that while I'd change little things...

Like when I spent a stupid amount of money on a Zeno zit Zapper...And only used it twice.
I'd have not obsessed about this guy in school who turned out being gay.
I would have auditioned more.
I would have started wearing my hair curly in high school.
I would have asked Jake out my Junior year so we could have had that summer together.
I would have not taken all those stupid classes while I was at CSCC. like piano, or mythology.
I would have not fought with friends over their life choices.
I would have bought my Uggs a half size bigger. And from the kids sizes.
I would have started my voice lessons WAY earlier.
I would have skipped working at Ruby Tuesdays all together.

Just those kinds of things.

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