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January 10, 2011

Names for Grandparents

With all of the Babies that are popping out within the next 9 months, I decided that some ideas/preferences should be made known.

For me, all of you reading that are thinking of making me a fixture in your child's life. I'm still refusing to be cauled Auntie, or Aunt E... don't make me hurt you.

Now to move on to other family members. Grandparents.

Here are some ideas, just in case you haven't thought of them yet. They're only ones that I like so deal with it.

Other options for other people to use: Nanna (scotch-itish), Gigi, Nona (italian), Oma (German/Dutch), Grammy, Amma, BeMa, Mum

Grandpa: Opa (German/Dutch), Papa, Granpy, Adda, BePa, Nono(italian), Da, Granda(scotch-itish)

My Ideas for my family:
My mom: Mia, Mum or Gramma
My dad: Granda or Granpa
Jake's mom: Grammy or Amma
Jake's step dad: Granpy or Adda
Jake's dad: Papa
Jake's Grandma R: Grandma R (it'll stay the same)
Jake's G-Rob: Oma
Jake's soon to be step grandpa: Nono

It's going to be confusing.

1 comment:

J-Bird said...

I dated a Latvian boy once and his G'rents were Oma and Opa. It's German but I loved it. My mom goes by Avia - which is Latin. I would prefer if she'd chosen Nonna but really, I'm just going to have my kids call her "Old Lady". It's gonna be great!