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January 27, 2011

My Car

My car was sick.

The temp gage was not working properly.

It all started on Friday. I was driving to SIL's and I noticed that the temp gage was stuck on 0. not a good thing. It was really low throughout the whole 30 minute freeway drive to her house. I was so scared that my car was going to blow up that I stopped and started it at random intersections.... twice.

I drove it there and back without an incident.

My dad came to look at it on Sunday and told me that the sensor was just not working which was making my car burn gas and freak out. Great.

So Jake and I haven't really been driving it this past week. Normally it's our main car. (although Jake's manual gets better gas mileage and less miles on it, so really I don't know why my TURBO engined car gets to be used all the time.....)

On an up note.........

Puppies are due TOMORROW!!!!

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