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January 24, 2011

Let Me Explain: Part 2

So with all that I said yesterday in mind. I give you the current status of things in my life.

The Twins have a deployment date. September 11th. Typical. I'm hoping that it's the same kind of things as lightning. never strikes the same place twice. Anyway. Due to the date we, as a quad, have to go through another 3 week withdraw. Remember August this past year? Yeah. because their deployment date is a whole year plus after the time of the last training, they have to go to it again in April. I'm just praying that Jake makes it back so that he can be here for his first niece's birth. Crystal is due on the 16th and I'm praying she goes full term or over. She probably wont appreciate the prayers, but I can't help it.

List form of the plan for the next year and then some.
Baby showers (x2)
Job hunt
Get puppy and begin training
3 week training
Big Sis's due date
SIL's due date
G-Rob's wedding and other events
Twins leave for deployment/Sell Jake's car
Friend moves in with me
Sucky year where I plan on being as busy as possible. Plays, work, family, etc...
Jake comes home and gets new car
Do whatever needs to be done about finishing Jake's undergrad and applying for Med School
Get into med school
House (or move depending on where med school is. if med school is far away, then we're renting until graduation.)
Get big Greyhound once we get a house
Babies and happily ever after.

The timeline is debatable on that list. But it's all there.

Now my list.... It makes sense. The order of events is best conductive for me. I'm done with school. Once I find a job I'm good to just go with the flow. I am completely good with being in the background until Jake graduates for good. it's not my show and him getting through med school is what matters. I'll do what I do and make the best of it while I'm doing it. I'm not going to make any demands, other than starting the baby making process once he gets his acceptance letter. I'll move wherever he needs to so that he can focus on the goal. I'll change jobs to make sure that we're not racking drowning in debt. I'll put things that I want on hold to make sure that he feels that he is able to do the best thing for our family without the added pressure of non-critical things that I can just be patient about....

You'd think anyone would do the same...

Now imagine my lack of demands on or life because everything is so wishy washy.

I hate it.

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J-Bird said...

I love you. I love your drive, your dreams, your sensibility and your passion for your husband. I just thought that this would be a good time to say that.