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January 5, 2011

Job Hunt

yes, it has begun.

Now that I am graduated and considered a true adult in need of a full time job, I've started looking. It's hard to imagine myself in a job different from the one that I have currently. After 5 years of working here, picking up phones, writing work orders, making purchase orders, and playing on the computer, I find that I don't feel as if I'm qualified ot do anything.

Anyone know of a job where reading Wikipedia, playing Zuma Blitz, Facebook stalking and reading are the qualifications?

I've tried checking OSU's website for jobs but everything seems to be out of my league.

I'm excited to say that my internship supervisor asked me for my resume yesterday... But I don't really know what she'll do with it and who she'll give it to. I'm almost to the point of saying that I wouldn't mind 2 part time jobs. If only we could rely on Jake for benefits.

So I have until March to find a job...

Wish me luck.

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