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January 22, 2011

Family Update: You Know You Love them

Squishy: No name for Big Sis's little girl as of yet. But she kicked me in the face when I was trying to sing to her the other day. I love that little munchkin already. SIL offered her casa for the shower. I'm excited to plan it.

Big Sis: From the back doesn't even look prego. I had better react to being prego the same way once it's my turn, or else I'm taking revenge. She's cute and perky and almost more agreeable now that she's prego. Still bossy, but that's the first born's job.

Big Sis's Hubs: Still temping, but the outcome of the long term temp job is looking good. He's settling down and still feeling a little cramped in my parents house... But then again who wouldn't after living on their own for 10+ years. I think things will work out for the better and soon enough he'll have his own trash to take out and lawn to mow.

Big Bro and Wife: Still trying to work their way out of the hole they dug themselves. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later and they can pay some people back. But, that's what family is for and support is what they need. I can't help it if I get a little pissy about how long they take doing it and the little things that they refuse to change in the process..... Oy Vey.

'Rents: trying to build back their travel fund. Pops is making the crib for little Squish. I'm interested to see the end result. Mom is enjoying her Nook and getting excited about the arrival of Squish. She misses her other children, who don't live at home and therefore she doesn't see every day. I understand both sides of that one.

Gummy Bear: That little boy has a name. Not gonna say, but I got to feel him really kick the other day. I can't wait to meet him. His room is almost done and shower planning is starting to happen.

SIL: doesn't look prego. She's the hiding it type and so far has been doing a really good job. She still fits into a lot of her pre-prego clothes. I'm impressed. She's not working and has turned into a true house wife. I'm a little jealous. If I could I would be totally content cleaning my house and making meals for my husband.

SIL's Hubs: doing really well. Has started a health kick that I hope lasts. I've always felt bad that his family started picking on him for his little bit of extra weight.... Tough love still hurts. He did the same thing Jake and I did.... Downloaded P90X.

The Other Bride: Doing really well. A little paranoid about health stuff. Normal for any prego. She has been spending more time with the family... it's really nice.

Twin: Missing hanging out with Jake and actually verbalized it... I was impressed. Boys.

MIL & SFIL: Happy. Still dealing with some issues due to things that went on right after the wedding. Stupid, petty crap on the other person's side.

FIL: Might not be getting married in Feb. Crazy. Everyone is worn out about the on again-off again-on again situation. He needs to get his crap together. Ug.

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