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January 30, 2011

Easily Intimidated

That's how I seem to others...

When in reality, I'll fight about something up to a point. Once I reach my limit, I either shut down and say whatever needs to be said in order to get the other person to shut up, or I tell them to drop it.

It's a fairly decent tactic, in my opinion. Either way if they continue talking abuot the issue they look dumb.

It's something that I am starting to not be too proud of due to the fact that my shutting down option evidently give people the opinion of myself that I'm easily handled and easily intimidated.

I'm not going to lie. I hate conflict. I don't like fighting with people, and anyone who does is masicistic. So I do what I feel is necessary.

And if that means admitting I'm wrong, when I am proven wrong, in order to move on from issues.... It means I'll do just that. It doesn't mean I'm weak.... It just means I'm honest with myself.

P.s. no one knows my faults better than myself.

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