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January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Happy New Year!

These are not in any type of order. The key is to be percise (days, #, ect.) and keep going, even if you dont quite get the goal.

1. To NOT get pregnant. I'm no lemur.

2. To get fit and like it.
  • I will go to the gym at least once a week.
    Use the tredmill, bike, eliptical and that crazy knee up leg swingy thing like a champ.
    Eventually lift and look all too comfortable at the gym.
    Goal = 10 pounds, fit and fab.

3. Whiten my teeth

4. Get into a routine that allows me to do my makeup at home in the morning.

5. Read at least 15 classic books. (Dracula, Little Women, Moby Dick, Ect....)

6. Find a job

7. Get our apartment cleaned and organized to the point where everythign has it's place and I'm not afraid to enter a room.

8. To reach out to friends, new and old, and get together with them on a regular enough basis where I dont feel like a complete stranger.

9. Wash my face twice a day. (i'm not awesome at this right now, so it's something to improve upon.)

10. Not hit anything with my car.

11. Read my bible, atleast, every other day.

12. Sign up for every women's bible study offered at church.

13. Complete at least 2 Beth moore 90 day independent bible study.

14. Get invisilign and start straightening my teeth.

15. Start the Dave Ramsey money technique.

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