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January 18, 2011

2011 Golden Globes

So after watching and looking through all the red carpet pictures I have to let you know somethings that I noticed...

What the.... OK, I understand that desire to make a statement. But honestly.......
Another yuck. this isn't a beach party Heidi.
Cut-outs?! what is this, senior prom?!!!
Taking risks and loving it!!! I love her.
Simplistic done perfectly. Plus the color is to die for. I almost wish she still had the red hair. It would have been stunning.
Awesome color choice. Original in a crowd of greens, beiges, pinks and blacks.
Va-va freankin' voom...
Thank you for dressing like a 14 year-old. The world appreciates it.
Glee cast girls. Please eat some big juicy hamburgers. You're looking a little peaked.... And bobble headish. I still love you though. Just take a pit stop by Del Taco. Thanks.
Some of the Glee girls did things right though. Bonita chicka!

Miss Christina, well done!
Oh Sandra-dee. How I love thee!!!! My favorite of the night!!!!!

Boys... you're wearing suits..... It's hard to tell you apart.

1 comment:

Mrs. G said...

Ha! Sandra's was my fav too, followed closely by Emma Stone's ensemble.