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January 3, 2011

2010 Recap

So much has happened this year. If you missed some of it, here is a highlight/drive-by of my life in 2010.

  • Jake got a job at Target after a long anti-job phase... Well really it was a 'better than that' phase.
  • I changed my name. I had to get through the cruise/honeymoon on my old last name because of my passport.
  • Jake's grandpa passed away.
  • The day after that, I turned 23.
  • Jake got his job at the urgent care.


  • a whole lotta notta.


  • I auditioned for Glee (yikes).
  • Jake and I began our affair with The Office.

April, May, June:

  • See February


  • Summer show: Oliver!!
  • Stopped using my hair dryer.
  • Jake got a deployment date
  • Interview at BalletMet
  • TOB pregnancy.
  • Started car shopping on a weekly basis.


  • Purchased- in full- my car.
  • TOB lost their baby.
  • Jake left for 3 weeks of training. I was pretty good about it.


  • MIL got engaged.
  • Big Sis announced pregnancy!!!
  • SIL announced pregnancy!!!
  • Boy's deployment got cancelled.


  • MIL got married.
  • Brought Maverick home.
  • Jake got a new deployment date.


  • I wrote my last academic paper.
  • Jake got the new job at OSU.
  • Our 1 year anniversary


  • I 'graduated'.
  • I sang in the Messiah.
  • Maverick got sick and we had to put him down.

It was a year.... That's about all that I can say about it. It's not one I'm ashamed of or proud of.

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