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January 31, 2011

SAG Award Red Carpet

The first three were a tie for me. Maybe it's my love of the peachy softness of the colors these girls chose.
Bump winner. I adore this. ($2 million in jewels?! I wish)
This pop of color is refreshing. I really love the design as well.
Yay!!! Tina didn't fail in the dress department. I LOVE this dress on her. When she gets it right, she really gets it right!
Oh Amber, I love you and your curves. Keep up the fab.
Color win.
This one was SOOOOO close to being something beautiful. I adore the black with the golde pattern over it.. I just wish the neckline wasn't so old looking. I SO wish it was a strapless number.

EW. Need I say more?

Baby Invites

Check out these gems.

I found them at.....

Believe it or not....


I am getting them for Big Sis. It was pretty crazy, but walmart didn't have ANY gender specific invitations. I was baffled.

Well I was so excited, I thought I'd share.

January 30, 2011

Easily Intimidated

That's how I seem to others...

When in reality, I'll fight about something up to a point. Once I reach my limit, I either shut down and say whatever needs to be said in order to get the other person to shut up, or I tell them to drop it.

It's a fairly decent tactic, in my opinion. Either way if they continue talking abuot the issue they look dumb.

It's something that I am starting to not be too proud of due to the fact that my shutting down option evidently give people the opinion of myself that I'm easily handled and easily intimidated.

I'm not going to lie. I hate conflict. I don't like fighting with people, and anyone who does is masicistic. So I do what I feel is necessary.

And if that means admitting I'm wrong, when I am proven wrong, in order to move on from issues.... It means I'll do just that. It doesn't mean I'm weak.... It just means I'm honest with myself.

P.s. no one knows my faults better than myself.

January 29, 2011


Right now I'm torn between the desire to paint, decorate and spiffy up the apartment, I'm talking color paint here, or to leave things be.

I'm ancy. I'm not going to deny it. I haven't been as successful at organizing and putting away things as I would like (Mainly just in the office). I have to get this done before anything happens in the apartment. It's a goal, but then after that's done and over with what do I have to look forward to? Nothing.

Hence my delimma.

The walls are white. If we move we'll have to repaint them no matter what. Can I justify spending the $25+ a can to colorfully paint a place we don't plan on staying? We'll move no earlier than October 2012. Any amout of time after that depends on med school or house hunting. Either way we probably won't be in the apartment for any longer than 2 more years.


January 28, 2011

He's Here!!

Although I may not know which "he" will be ours, The puppies have arrived!

They were born 1-27-11. Dot was in labor from 5:30am-7:30am. She popped those little ones out like it was old hat. The breeder emailed me at 8:45 to let me know that they were here. Dot had 6 little boys. (Ever mom/mom-to-be, cringe). 3 red and 3 dark. The dark ones were too wet to tell if they were seal or black at the time of the email. Personally, I could care less, I just want one of those little buggers.

How excited am I? 


Jake and I are going to discuss when we're going to take the 2.5 hour trip to see the little guys and pick one out for ourselves.

We also have to choose a name, now that we know that we're going to get another little boy.

That should be fun...... Not.

Mini Lady Gaga

Any one want to dress their doll like Momma Monster?
Here's a preview of 23-year-old Anna Chong's mini collection.

January 27, 2011

My Car

My car was sick.

The temp gage was not working properly.

It all started on Friday. I was driving to SIL's and I noticed that the temp gage was stuck on 0. not a good thing. It was really low throughout the whole 30 minute freeway drive to her house. I was so scared that my car was going to blow up that I stopped and started it at random intersections.... twice.

I drove it there and back without an incident.

My dad came to look at it on Sunday and told me that the sensor was just not working which was making my car burn gas and freak out. Great.

So Jake and I haven't really been driving it this past week. Normally it's our main car. (although Jake's manual gets better gas mileage and less miles on it, so really I don't know why my TURBO engined car gets to be used all the time.....)

On an up note.........

Puppies are due TOMORROW!!!!

January 26, 2011

Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

Have you ever noticed that the things that you focus on have a way of bleeding into your life?

Can you tell what I've been thinking about recently.

I meditated on a lot of scripture this morning. God always shows us the path. His word gives comfort and what we put in our minds ends up seeping into our lives.

I was filling my self with bitterness, judgment and anger. That's what my life has been recently. I've been depressed, bitter and quick to judge.

My path in life is different, surrounded by different people and different choices to make. And they're mine to make. I shouldn't care about what others think of me. I shouldn't care about what others are doing. I should just focus on myself and my family and what is best for the two of us.

My husband is the spiritual leader of my family. It's the way that it's supposed to be. He centers my wild emotions and by his refusal to allow others choices to impact our lives I've come to realize that sometimes, I'm out of my freaking mind.

So there you go. I'm done with that. I'm letting you know that this is real life. I'm not always happy. 

So there you go.

Want to know the bible verses that helped me rationalize my self today?

Psalm 37:7-9
Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret, it leads only to evildoing. For evildoers will be cut off, But those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Matthew 7:1-5
Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

2 Corinthians 5:10
For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.

One of Those Dreams

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're back in time and able to re-live every aspect of your life. I had one of those last night. I was given the opportunity to change aspects of the life that I have led. It was pretty heavy.

It was one of those dreams where after you wake up you still think of what you would do.

It's so hard to look at your life and see the things that you would change, given the chance. This morning while I was in the shower I thought about each part of my life.

I decided that while I'd change little things...

Like when I spent a stupid amount of money on a Zeno zit Zapper...And only used it twice.
I'd have not obsessed about this guy in school who turned out being gay.
I would have auditioned more.
I would have started wearing my hair curly in high school.
I would have asked Jake out my Junior year so we could have had that summer together.
I would have not taken all those stupid classes while I was at CSCC. like piano, or mythology.
I would have not fought with friends over their life choices.
I would have bought my Uggs a half size bigger. And from the kids sizes.
I would have started my voice lessons WAY earlier.
I would have skipped working at Ruby Tuesdays all together.

Just those kinds of things.

January 24, 2011

Let Me Explain: Part 2

So with all that I said yesterday in mind. I give you the current status of things in my life.

The Twins have a deployment date. September 11th. Typical. I'm hoping that it's the same kind of things as lightning. never strikes the same place twice. Anyway. Due to the date we, as a quad, have to go through another 3 week withdraw. Remember August this past year? Yeah. because their deployment date is a whole year plus after the time of the last training, they have to go to it again in April. I'm just praying that Jake makes it back so that he can be here for his first niece's birth. Crystal is due on the 16th and I'm praying she goes full term or over. She probably wont appreciate the prayers, but I can't help it.

List form of the plan for the next year and then some.
Baby showers (x2)
Job hunt
Get puppy and begin training
3 week training
Big Sis's due date
SIL's due date
G-Rob's wedding and other events
Twins leave for deployment/Sell Jake's car
Friend moves in with me
Sucky year where I plan on being as busy as possible. Plays, work, family, etc...
Jake comes home and gets new car
Do whatever needs to be done about finishing Jake's undergrad and applying for Med School
Get into med school
House (or move depending on where med school is. if med school is far away, then we're renting until graduation.)
Get big Greyhound once we get a house
Babies and happily ever after.

The timeline is debatable on that list. But it's all there.

Now my list.... It makes sense. The order of events is best conductive for me. I'm done with school. Once I find a job I'm good to just go with the flow. I am completely good with being in the background until Jake graduates for good. it's not my show and him getting through med school is what matters. I'll do what I do and make the best of it while I'm doing it. I'm not going to make any demands, other than starting the baby making process once he gets his acceptance letter. I'll move wherever he needs to so that he can focus on the goal. I'll change jobs to make sure that we're not racking drowning in debt. I'll put things that I want on hold to make sure that he feels that he is able to do the best thing for our family without the added pressure of non-critical things that I can just be patient about....

You'd think anyone would do the same...

Now imagine my lack of demands on or life because everything is so wishy washy.

I hate it.

January 23, 2011

Let Me Explain

So I've talked a lot about my strong feelings toward specific members of my family many times. I just wanted to let you know why I may say the things that I do.

So dating/marrying a twin is a little bit more emotional/involved than you would think. It's even harder when they are the kind of twins that actually count themselves as friends as well as siblings. There is always a lot of comparing going on throughout the whole family.

"so-and-so did this, I wonder if the other will do it too.'
"so-and-so's grades were like this, lets see what the other ones are.'
'Well if one does it then the other will too.'
'This one has always been like this, while the other one always tends to do this.'
'This is typical of this twin. Sometimes the other follow suit.'

These are all common to hear throughout a conversation about them. And there is hardly ever conversation about just one twin. Usually they're both involved. And usually when twins are involved the spouses are brought up as well. I know it's normal to have conversations about a couple once they are considered a couple. But from the point of view from one of the spouses, it's sometimes stress full.

I've always cared about what other people think of me. It's hard not to. I don't see myself as the typical youngest, unless it involves self-consciousness, sometimes over sensitiveness, a smidgen of social awkwardness and tons of frustration with myself. Pair this with knowing that I'm talked about and compared whenever conversation about either twin is brought up. It amounts to a certain small amount of paranoia.

I'll have to admit that it's probably good for me, checking my actions and thinking twice before doing/saying something... But it also creates a problem when either household makes a life type of decision. The question of whether or not the other house is/would do the same is brought up.

It's crazy to imagine. To each their own, right? I dream of that being the case. Now, back to the twins.

They are identical. They have always done things together. Soccer, Lacrosse, Band (while one played sax and the other drums), Army national Guard. They both are attending the same college (at this time), taking the same courses, aiming for the same degree. Aiming for the same Med School, possibly different focuses (but only possibly). They are the same in their tastes for success.

Now, tack some wives onto the picture. TOB and I are very, very different people. It's not a bad thing. It's just palpable. We think about things and problem solve in different ways. We want and expect different things out of our lives. It's natural, and there is nothing wrong with that. I love her. She's family.

Now imagine me. Everything that they do smacks me in the face with the self consciousness and, unfortunately for my husband, ability to over think things. If they do it, should we do it too? Do they expect us to do the same so that the boys stay together? Do the boys want to be the same in this? Is what's right for them, right for us sometimes?

I know that I shouldn't worry about these things, and normally I wouldn't. But my husband is a twin. Identical twin. And his brother is his best friend. I want him to be happy.

While all the things I've mentioned about myself above are true, I also tend to hold grudges, I'm stubborn, strong willed, critical of others, motivated, and bossy.

I would love to live my life and not think once about how my life reflects/co insides with another household. No other sibling or sibling-in-law has this kind of hold on my thoughts. Not even and especially not my sister, who I consider the twin of my soul (mushy, I know). To each their own. They have lives to live and decisions to make about their family. how they live their lives and what they do during it isn't any of my concern. I'll voice my opinion about certain things.... But it's not my place to judge the life that they have. I do, but that's the critical side of me. It's hard not to.

The only thing stopping me from that is the trouble I have rationalizing and accepting the role of a wife married to an identical twin. Things aren't going to change. It'll always be 'this ones doing this, whats the other one doing?' and such.

I just don't like it... And therefore I take it out on the ones, I always feel, that are causing me to have these feelings.

I know that I'm doing it to myself.

I guess that's the hardest part.

January 22, 2011

Family Update: You Know You Love them

Squishy: No name for Big Sis's little girl as of yet. But she kicked me in the face when I was trying to sing to her the other day. I love that little munchkin already. SIL offered her casa for the shower. I'm excited to plan it.

Big Sis: From the back doesn't even look prego. I had better react to being prego the same way once it's my turn, or else I'm taking revenge. She's cute and perky and almost more agreeable now that she's prego. Still bossy, but that's the first born's job.

Big Sis's Hubs: Still temping, but the outcome of the long term temp job is looking good. He's settling down and still feeling a little cramped in my parents house... But then again who wouldn't after living on their own for 10+ years. I think things will work out for the better and soon enough he'll have his own trash to take out and lawn to mow.

Big Bro and Wife: Still trying to work their way out of the hole they dug themselves. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later and they can pay some people back. But, that's what family is for and support is what they need. I can't help it if I get a little pissy about how long they take doing it and the little things that they refuse to change in the process..... Oy Vey.

'Rents: trying to build back their travel fund. Pops is making the crib for little Squish. I'm interested to see the end result. Mom is enjoying her Nook and getting excited about the arrival of Squish. She misses her other children, who don't live at home and therefore she doesn't see every day. I understand both sides of that one.

Gummy Bear: That little boy has a name. Not gonna say, but I got to feel him really kick the other day. I can't wait to meet him. His room is almost done and shower planning is starting to happen.

SIL: doesn't look prego. She's the hiding it type and so far has been doing a really good job. She still fits into a lot of her pre-prego clothes. I'm impressed. She's not working and has turned into a true house wife. I'm a little jealous. If I could I would be totally content cleaning my house and making meals for my husband.

SIL's Hubs: doing really well. Has started a health kick that I hope lasts. I've always felt bad that his family started picking on him for his little bit of extra weight.... Tough love still hurts. He did the same thing Jake and I did.... Downloaded P90X.

The Other Bride: Doing really well. A little paranoid about health stuff. Normal for any prego. She has been spending more time with the family... it's really nice.

Twin: Missing hanging out with Jake and actually verbalized it... I was impressed. Boys.

MIL & SFIL: Happy. Still dealing with some issues due to things that went on right after the wedding. Stupid, petty crap on the other person's side.

FIL: Might not be getting married in Feb. Crazy. Everyone is worn out about the on again-off again-on again situation. He needs to get his crap together. Ug.

January 21, 2011

Winter Love

The thing that I'm loving this winter....

what are they called? Circle scarves? Cowl scarves? Fabulous?
OK, minus the fur coat. Eww.

January 20, 2011

Puppy Update

Well Dot and Aruba's litter is due on the 28th. Jake and I are getting ancy. We just want to know what we're getting. Girl, Boy? Grey, Black, Seal?

We went to a pet store on our holiday/day off and played with a little Iggy that we have been told about.

Yes, our family loves us and tells us about Iggys all over town that we can go and play with.

Yes, I teared up at the pet store.

No, we didn't get her, even though she was only $725... (That's cheap for an IG. normally we're seen them in the $900-1200 range at pet stores... I'm starting to think that they're getting cross bred "Italian Grethounds" because the one at the other pet store had an apple head and short snout, like a Chihuahua.... I'm just making observations here.)

Hopefully we'll have word from our breeder soon.

8 Days until Dot's due date!

January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brother

Today's my big brother's birthday.
He's 28.


January 18, 2011

2011 Golden Globes

So after watching and looking through all the red carpet pictures I have to let you know somethings that I noticed...

What the.... OK, I understand that desire to make a statement. But honestly.......
Another yuck. this isn't a beach party Heidi.
Cut-outs?! what is this, senior prom?!!!
Taking risks and loving it!!! I love her.
Simplistic done perfectly. Plus the color is to die for. I almost wish she still had the red hair. It would have been stunning.
Awesome color choice. Original in a crowd of greens, beiges, pinks and blacks.
Va-va freankin' voom...
Thank you for dressing like a 14 year-old. The world appreciates it.
Glee cast girls. Please eat some big juicy hamburgers. You're looking a little peaked.... And bobble headish. I still love you though. Just take a pit stop by Del Taco. Thanks.
Some of the Glee girls did things right though. Bonita chicka!

Miss Christina, well done!
Oh Sandra-dee. How I love thee!!!! My favorite of the night!!!!!

Boys... you're wearing suits..... It's hard to tell you apart.

January 15, 2011

Man Manual

Sometimes I wish men had manuals. Something a woman could read, before operating.

Chapters I would be reading, if there were such a manual for my model.

  • How to program the Chore mode for a weekly, or bi-weekly, setting.
  • Contents seen during riviting computer facination, (since I know it's not dirty stuff, it's not his 'thing')
  • How to activate the Lunch Packing function.
  • How to deactivate the picky food mode.
  • The 'When playfullness equals friskiness' rule book.

It's been an interesting week in our house....

January 14, 2011

Target, O How I Love Thee

It's no secret that I love target.

They announced a new designer that's coming.

Calypso St. Barth!

The designer is a fav of Jen Aniston's as well as Kate Beckinsale. It's not a very flashy line. More classy, like the usual customer's themselves...

Me like.

Head Start on Spring

Loving the new things from Ruche

January 13, 2011

Oh, Google.... How I Love Thee

Today I googled singing to baby...

I was looking for the stats about singing to babies while they're still in the womb... Well music and unborn babies in general...

Justin Bieber popped up and the title of the google link stated:

"Justin Bieber- The Singing Fetus"

I just thought I'd share.

January 11, 2011


Yep. Today's my birthday.

Happy birthday to me.

Therefore you get to suffer through any and all pictures I choose to post on this post.
Me on my 21st.... I have no comment about the amount of alcohol consumed before, durring or after this picture.

You're lucky i didn't choose to post 1 pic per year... you just get the most random pictures in the world.
And I don't care.

January 10, 2011

Names for Grandparents

With all of the Babies that are popping out within the next 9 months, I decided that some ideas/preferences should be made known.

For me, all of you reading that are thinking of making me a fixture in your child's life. I'm still refusing to be cauled Auntie, or Aunt E... don't make me hurt you.

Now to move on to other family members. Grandparents.

Here are some ideas, just in case you haven't thought of them yet. They're only ones that I like so deal with it.

Other options for other people to use: Nanna (scotch-itish), Gigi, Nona (italian), Oma (German/Dutch), Grammy, Amma, BeMa, Mum

Grandpa: Opa (German/Dutch), Papa, Granpy, Adda, BePa, Nono(italian), Da, Granda(scotch-itish)

My Ideas for my family:
My mom: Mia, Mum or Gramma
My dad: Granda or Granpa
Jake's mom: Grammy or Amma
Jake's step dad: Granpy or Adda
Jake's dad: Papa
Jake's Grandma R: Grandma R (it'll stay the same)
Jake's G-Rob: Oma
Jake's soon to be step grandpa: Nono

It's going to be confusing.

Three Weddings and A Funeral.

Last night was spent at Jake's mom's house, per usual. Jake's grandma, G-Rob, announced that she is getting married.


OK, so it wasn't really a surprise. She's been dating this guy for almost a year now. He was with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He doesn't have any kids, therefore the sheer number of us should have scared the poor old man away... He stuck around and even kisses everyone's cheeks. 
So cute.

We didn't think that they would get married due to Jake's grandpa's social security pension. It's quite a bit of money and if G-Rob got married she would loose it...

That's not going to keep them apart.


Come June or July.... Another wedding.

It seems Jake's side of the family can't let a year slide without a giant event.

Next up, SIL's baby.
Then I still have 2 step-sister-in-laws..... Who knows what the next few years could bring.

January 8, 2011

Puppy Situation Update

So with us loosing Maverick, Jake and I jump started a discussion with our breeder about what happened and where to go from here.

We all decided that a replacement puppy would be a good way to go. She has 2 litters due in January. One has the same father that Mav had. The other is a new pair. Since the issue with Maverick was a birth defect and the breeder being on the look out for issues with the rest of Maverick's littermates she requested that we wait to choose a puppy until the 2nd litter arrived around Jan 28th.

Jake and I are excited. We miss having a little cuddle bug with us 24/7. We decided to trust in our breeder and go with her suggestion.

The first litter came on New Years day. A litter of 3, one of which was a seal (gray) boy. Here are the parents.

Johnny Cash

The father has the coloring we want but our breeders is nervous about us having any other issues. I think she's a little superstitious.

I'm so torn, but we're still going to wait until the second litter comes to choose.

The second litter isn't due until the very end of the month. Here are the parents.


The mother's dark coloring is a very exciting thing. This is going to be her first litter, just before her second birthday. The dad has been bred a few times and always had thrown quite a few seal puppies that were all in perfect health. Our breeder is more confident in this pairing.

it's time to start getting excited!

January 7, 2011

Celebs with Lines

I have to admit. I respect a celeb much, much more when they are seen wearing their own merch out on the street. I take it as the individual being so in love with what they make that they just can't help themselves.

Fav self promoter:

Nichole Richie-Madden - House of Harlow (jewelery-for more of her stuff, click here)

The Recent Big Debate

I don't know if you've heard about all of this, but there has been an uproar among the literary world.

It has been brought to the attention of publishing companies that the book Huckleberry Finn might be changed in new editions. They are trying to 'make the book more approachable for readers' by replacing the n-word, that is used several times, with 'slave' and 'injun' with 'Native American' or 'Indian'.

I've been reading many articles and blogs about the topic and I wanted to share my input.

As a reader, My first instinct is to cry foul and beat up anyone trying to change it. How dare someone try to re-write the words of a classic, written by someone who has done so much for literature. Now that that outburst is over and my instincts for literature preservation is out I'll make some points.
  • The book was almost outlawed the year after it was published due to the wording. Why wasn't it then, at a time when all of the wounds from slavery were still fresh? Why wasn't it 50 years after? Why wasn't it changed in the 60's, when our nation struggled publicly with prejudice and social justice? Why wasn't it changed 100 years after, when we knew the wrongness of some of the language? Why now?
  • There is a lot to be learned through living in the words of written words. In text books you are given the facts of our history... in classics like Huck Finn you stand face to face with a whole different world, and forced to look into a history that is uncomfortable and undeniable. When you are forced to read words that make you uncomfortable you are able to see just how wrong they are. The feeling of shame and embarrassment can be learned from.
  • The book is a classic. Because some of the words are flagged as racially hostile when they were written in a racially hostile time you want to change it? You want to erase prejudice from our history? Really? You can't just pretend like slavery, prejudice and racism didn't exist... That like saying that it doesn't exist now........... And if you think that it doesn't, go watch all of the profiling that goes on in the news. And if you still don't think that it's an issue, you're in denial.
  • The book reflects the culture of the time. The words are there for a reason. Political correctness shouldn't apply when talking about books written during that period of time. During that time, those words were seen as politically correct.
  • By changing the words to the politically correct words of our time, are we denying that prejudice is an issue?

I understand that because of the wording it is an uncomfortable read for some people. I also understand that it's offensive. But how better to teach the next generations that words like 'injun' and the 'N-word' are offensive. Let them feel the shame of seeing those words used by characters they've become attached to.

Better there than on the playground.

How do you feel about this controversy?

January 6, 2011

What I'm Craving

I ate this soup and other variants every day for lunch on our honeymoon.... It's SO good. I recommend it for breakfast or lunch on a hot day.

Strawberry Soup

2 pints strawberries
2 cups plain yogurt
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup water
1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom

In a blender, combine the strawberries, yogurt, orange juice, sugar, water and cardamom. Puree until well mixed. Chill and serve.

JJ Heller - Your Hands

I woke up with this song stuck in my head. I adore it and thought it was fitting.

Hope you like it too.

January 5, 2011

Another Starting Point

Tonight Jake and I are cancelling our gym pass and planning out our time for......


Yes, we're crazy. It was Jake's idea and I'm game for an at home workout.

Getting to the gym is harder than I ever thought. I don't like going by myself and Jake not wanting or forgetting to go makes it even harder.

(Jake promised me a tredmil or eliptical when we get a house)

So replace anything gym related in my resolutions with this and we got a deal.

(Jake already did it this morning and I'm going to make him do it again when I get home tonight. Hahaha)

Fitness, here I come!

Job Hunt

yes, it has begun.

Now that I am graduated and considered a true adult in need of a full time job, I've started looking. It's hard to imagine myself in a job different from the one that I have currently. After 5 years of working here, picking up phones, writing work orders, making purchase orders, and playing on the computer, I find that I don't feel as if I'm qualified ot do anything.

Anyone know of a job where reading Wikipedia, playing Zuma Blitz, Facebook stalking and reading are the qualifications?

I've tried checking OSU's website for jobs but everything seems to be out of my league.

I'm excited to say that my internship supervisor asked me for my resume yesterday... But I don't really know what she'll do with it and who she'll give it to. I'm almost to the point of saying that I wouldn't mind 2 part time jobs. If only we could rely on Jake for benefits.

So I have until March to find a job...

Wish me luck.

January 4, 2011

The R Family's Next Step

Jake and I plan to start off this year with a new type of life style. One that I intend to use until we have enough money for a down payment on a house.

Financial Peace.

Money doesn't have to be hard to understand.

Being debt free isn't just for the money savvy.

Jake and I are going to work hard and do what needs to be done in order to get rid of the debt that we have, save for medical school and get a down payment for a house.

Our first investment is going to be the finicial peace university... We are going to search for a nigh that we will be able to goand attend sessions... If that doesn't work we are going to buckle down and purchase the home kit.

I likethe idea of the sessions because we'll be held accountable for showing up and participating. If we do it at home slip ups are way easier and we'll just hold ourselves back.

Fact: The average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 in the first 91 days of Financial Peace University...
but like any money management/budget... If you don't do it... It doesn't work.

I'm excited to start the climb to financial stability and stress free living.

Dave Ramsey always says you have to live like no one else, so you can live like no on else.