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December 30, 2010


I miss my Pup. lastnight I was in an aweful mood. I was snippy and just an all around bia.

I cried when I got home...

I just don't understand why God chooses for some to walk the path of suffering and sorrow and others not. I wish that I could say that my life was all sunshiny out the ass before this...

Jake is mad at the world. He think's our life is destined to continue in this fashion. We haven't had it too rough. But our life together hasn't been a cake walk. He tends to focus on the bad stuff as it happens and take the good stuff for granted....

But then again don't we all...

I just remember driving with my pup to whoever's house we were headed to thanking God for the blessing that he brought into our family. And that was a few days before all the bad started happening.

I just don't understand. But then again, it's not my place to. He's got things figured out.... I just have to have faith.

Depression sucks.

Then we lost the key to my car... I only have 1 key. (Damn VW for having the switchblade keys that are uber expensive)

Zeke pulled them under the bed... It was a crisis while it lasted.

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