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December 10, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Daa da dat de daaaa daaaaa, daa da dat de daaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Da dada de daaaaa-daaaaaaa. Daa dadat de-daaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

That's right. Here I am, college graduate!

I ended my college career strong with a 3.7 gpa. I surprised even myself.

I'm very excited to start looking for a full time position. I know that it's going to be a hard thing to get and be happy with the results first time around. But I'm determined to find something.

College has been good to me. No matter how much I bash my experience I can't help but realize that I have received a college degree. It's one more thing in my favor when applying for a job. i completed the easiest program known to man... Sports and Leisure Studies...

Graduation from High School was necessary due to the number of people that were there who I had grown up with. The people that surrounded me at that time in my life were friends and I had invested myself into the relationships. High school graduation was a big farewell to my childhood.

College is another story. The people that I have met while attending OSU have been awesome. However, I never did meet someone who I could call more than an acquaintance. My fault, I know. But it's hard as a student, a year older than everyone else due to stupid choices about which classes to take my first year of college, married, who never lived on campus to relate to 90% of the people who were in my major.... Oh, did I mention that I don't really care about sports... I kinda set myself up for that... But anyway.

I've decided that because I don't want to shell out any more money toward a school that cares more about me as a number than an actual student, that I'm not walking for graduation. I'm not upset about it and because I've not invested anything more than my time and money into college I don't think it's something that I'm going to regret. I'll get to skip the unreasonably long ceremony and get that little piece of paper mailed to me in the next 3 weeks and I'll frame that thing just like any other student. I'm actually more excited about having a dinner party/celebrating SIL's birthday than I am about college being over...

Passing my classes and knowing that that stage of my life is over is ending up being pretty anti-climatic for me.

So here's to college. May I never have to read an academic sports book ever again. may the degree that I receive actually help me in finding a full time job. May people stop telling me I'll regret my decision of not walking. And may the alcohol I plan to consume in celebration this weekend not inflict too much damage. (I may not be doing the traditional senior crawl, but I sure am going to celebrate)


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Congratulations. It is so awesome to accomplish such a tough goal!