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December 22, 2010

My Nook Review

Here is my complete Nook review for those of you thinking about getting one.

So when Jake took me into B&N to purchase my Nook he gave me free reign to pick whichever version I wanted. (this was the debut day of the Nook Color). I was over the moon and took my time weighing the pros and cons of each.

It's so hard to turn down new technology. Just the option of having a full color screen was almost too much. In the end I chose the basic Nook due to these things.
  • I'm an avid reader. This means sometimes hours upon hours of reading all at once. For this aspect of my life the EInk made the most sense. It's already been tested as being easy on the eyes... The Nook Color is LED and goodness knows how bad that is for your eyes. For my reading habits it would be like staring at a computer screen for hours upon end, and I do that enough at work. For that reason I choose the Nook, not the Nook Color.
  • I however do understand the draw for having the Nook Color for the magazine and children's book aspect. It's nearly irresistible. However, Thinking about how I want to raise my children (even though I don't have any) and realizing that while it is handy, I never want to set my children down in front of something (TV, computer, Nook, smart phone) and expect the electronic device to entertain/babysit them... The Nook would be just for me... and I don't read enough magazines to justify the color screen. win: Nook.
  • Battery life isn't very impressive due to the tablet likeness of the Nook Color.
Those 2 arguments put the Nook Color out of my hands and I didn't feel bad about it.

Now for choosing between the 3G and the Wi-fi.
  • Never will I leave the house without a book on my Nook... Therefore the 3G, costing $50 more, is deemed unnecessary.
  • Also, I will always have a phone with Internet capabilities with me... problem fixed.
  • And if I ever need a quick download spot I can just stop into a free wi-fi hot spot... But in truth I can't see anything getting past my first argument on this topic...
This concluded my choice in being with the cheapest version of the Nook. My husband couldn't have been more proud.

My experience with the Nook thus far:
  • Free books are an awesome idea, however it would help if less of them were romance novels.... or erotica... It was quite a surprise getting into my first 71 pg book and finding out exactly why it was free.... Unfortunately there is no way to know for sure the difference between them when picking them out... They're free, for petes sake.
  • The LendMe aspect is so exciting. I've yet to find someone to do this with but I can't wait.
  • The lending option with the library. I've yet to try this as well because I'm in the process of getting through the free Classics that were available. Yay Dracula/Little Women/ Pride and Prejudice!!!
  • The little touch screen is awesome and turns off after a while so the back lighting isn't blinding. If you're a person who chooses your books by their cover (Big Sis) there is a option to show the books by the cover and choose them.
  • The EInk screen is AMAZING and so much like reading a true book that it's scary.
  • The weirdness of the page turning etch-a-sketch effect goes away within the first 1-2 hours of reading time. Now I don't even notice it.
  • Sudoku..... Guess what I was doing the last few days of classes...(there's also chess)
  • Start up takes a little bit. But it's easy to finish up everything so you can have a solid time for reading.
  • the battery lasts FOREVER. I'm talking impressive. and charge time is minimal.
  • You can put pictures in it to use as screen savers or backgrounds... i prefer the simplistic touch of the pictures already in it. But a cool aspect none the less.
  • MP3 capabilities... Haven't used it, but a nice feature.
  • if you're use to your phones touch screen keypad, searching on this with wi-fi will be no problem... However I prefer to just search and purchase my books while I'm online at work or home.. Easy peasy.
  • After reading a book you archive it and it comes off your Nook... and you can rate it for other readers out there... I've been doing a lot of 2-3 stars with the free books offered... I can't wait until after Christmas, when I can buy some books I actually have been wanting to read.

All in all.......



Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Thanks for the review!! Sounds like you're loving your new Nook!

Nikki said...

This is great info. I've been going back and forth about getting one of these. Pre-baby I would have been all over it because I could read a ton more then I do now.