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December 20, 2010

Maverick Monday: Gums and Meds

So last you heard Mav looked like one of the three stooges. By the next week he was back to looking like my pooch with a little bar fight action. He had a ring of scabbing going right over the top of his muzzle from where the kennel bar dug into his nose. (makes me so sad just thinking about it, but here's a picture of the scar.)

A few days later Big Sis was at the house hanging out and told me that while Mav was sitting on her lap she noticed that his mouth smelled coppery, like blood. I brushed it off and told her it was probably Mav cutting his premolars, finally. She then proceeded to check his mouth... And low and behold there was something on his gums. we didn't know what it was and thought that yes, truly,he was cutting teeth. The little grayish white spot had to be his tooth coming in. I had a vet appointment scheduled to finish up his shots so I took Mav in and showed the vet his mouth.
An ulceration. What? evidently the bruising from getting his mouth caught caused his gums to form an ulcer... he was getting antibiotics.

Also the tooth might die.

I'm still traumatized by that little tid-bit... gross.

So for 2 weeks we fought with him trying to get him to take his liquid meds. It was awful. He hated it. I hated it. Jake hated it. There was nothing worse than Mav seeing the little syringe and having to fight him tooth and nail to get it into his system... you can only get lucky with a sleepy puppy about twice...

One time I sneak attacked him and squirted the meds into his mouth while he was yawning... I don't know who was more surprised that it worked, me or Mav... He glared at me for a while after that.

He's better now and his tooth is starting to look a little yellow. It's little tip has chipped and I think that it's probably dead and just waiting for the right time to come out. I can't wait to have a crazy looking dog with a missing tooth. He's already weird enough. But I'm glad that it's just the puppy tooth and that his adult canine will come in before too long...

I'm still dreading the idea of finding a canine tooth somewhere around the house... for some reason baby teeth totally gross me out.

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