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December 13, 2010

Maverick Monday: Fever

No I'm not talking about the song... (Although it's a good one. Check it out on youtube done by A Fine Frenzy)

Day 6 of owning one rascal of a pup I was hanging out and watching TV when I noticed that Mav, while cuddling with me, was pretty dang hot.

Not O La La, hot... Like, 'I'm sorry I'm sweating while holding you' hot.

I thought it was just a figment of my imagination and when Jake came home I didn't mention it...

Then Jake said he wanted to play with Mav but Mav just wanted to sleep... We both decided it was weird. So I did the dumbest thing ever and went to look up what his temp should be and what could be causing the temp... Everything said death.
So I made Jake cool the pup off with a wet rag while I rushed to the grocery store to buy a thermometer... Why we didn't have one, I have no idea...

So i got a thermometer and those plastic covers...I figured since I was going to be putting the thermometer where the sun don't shine, it was a good investment.

Mav's temp was 103.6.... (101 is normal...) I freaked out.

So that night, Mav slept in his basket on our bed and I scheduled a vet apt for the next day.

When I came home early to check on the little sick boy I pulled him out of his little plastic crate only to look at him and wonder whose dog I was holding. Surely my dog didn't look like a bull terrier.... My dog had a narrow long snout... Very aerodynamic.... Not this huge schnoz...

Maverick's muzzle was swollen. He had gotten his face stuck in the door to his little kennel sometime during the day and it bruised... Perfect. Now the vet will think that I punched my dog right in the face.


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